The Ministry of Health is pleased to partner with the Rotary Club of Dominica and the Dominica Diabetes Association in what is the first of a two year Training Programme  under the theme “ Maintaining Healthy Feet Step by Step” in improving the management and prevention of the Diabetic Foot in Dominica.

The first course modeled on the Step-by-Step programme developed by a team of foot care experts on behalf of the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) is scheduled for October 24 – 26, 2011, at the Public Service Training Centre

The participants are taught the principles of basic foot care education and practical management guidelines, given practical training in foot care and equipped with a simple set of instruments for daily practice.

The training programme aims to build low cost health care capacity, reduce lower limb complications and unnecessary amputations in people with diabetes and empower people with diabetes to take care better of their feet.

In Dominica we have seen a disturbing increase in diabetes– related foot ulcerations and amputations. This training programme will strengthen the foot care programme of the Ministry of Health by training a core of doctors and nurses from Primary Health Care, the Princess Margaret Hospital and the local private hospital.  This core of health professionals will facilitate skills transfer by training their colleagues and so contribute to the sustainability of the programme

The diabetic foot became a key focus area for the WDF due to growing evidence that the foot tends to be neglected in health care, resulting in unnecessary foot complications and amputations.

The programme will be facilitated by Dr. Vilma Urbančič, a diabetologist who is an Associate Professor of medicine and head of the Diabetes Unit at the Department of Endocrinology, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana in Slovenia and his team.

Financial and other support for this programme came from the Government of Dominica,  the Rotary Clubs of Hereford UK,  Ohio US and  Dominica, the Rotary Foundation, the Dominica Diabetes Association and the International Diabetes Federation.