Speakers for PCWS 2014

Speakers for PCWS 2014

VF Inc, in collaboration with the Bureau Gender Affairs, Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs invite all women to the Fifth Phenomenal Caribbean Women Symposium (PCWS) on January 25, 2014 under the theme “What you conceive you can achieve because God has the power to deliver what He promises”. 

We also invite the men to register their wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, nieces, cousins and friends and employers to register their female employees to attend PCWS 2014. 

The speakers are Ms. Rene Mercedes Baptiste of St. Vincent & the Grenadines,

Ms. Rose Willock of Montserrat, Mrs. Neva Edwards and Mrs. Olivia Elemena Douglas of Dominica.  Ms. Baptiste story is titled:  “The Roaring Mouse: Anointed and Called!”  Ms. Willock’s Story, “A Life of Miracles,” Mrs. Edwards, “A Life of Service Through Grace,” and Mrs. Douglas, “Called to Serve.”    Four Phenomenal Women!  Four Powerful Stories!

Women, Come and celebrate our Phenomenal Caribbean Sisters!  Come and be Inspired to Act!  Come Share and Inspire Other Sisters to Act!  Come and Fellowship!  Come and Build a Network of Support and Opportunities! Come and Be Part of the Phenomenal Caribbean Women Movement!  Register Today!!!

The Objectives of the Symposium are to:

  1. Celebrate the successes of Caribbean Women
  2. Allow Caribbean Women to tell their stories of success, triumph over adversity, challenges, pain, joy and blessings
  3. Inspire Women to determine, re-discover and achieve their life’s purpose.
  4. Demonstrate that achieving one’s life purpose is possible
  5. Develop a Personal Action Plan towards achieving one Life’s Purpose
  6. Reaffirm the role of women as Healers of the Nation
  7. Establish a network of support and opportunities for women

This fifth symposium dubbed PCWS 2014 promises to be a powerful, inspirational experience and the best yet!  We encourage all women to participate.    Call 449 9649, Fax 449 9449 or Email info@vfinc.org for registration and further information.