Peter Azille

Peter Azille

As I looked at television, social media, scores of photos via WhattsApp and listening to DBS Radio, it was heart-wrenching to see and hear of the terrible loss of innocent lives and the utter destruction of homes, vehicles and public infrastructure on our fair homeland. My family joins me in extending our deepest sympathy to all Dominicans for their terrible loss.

As I join with other patriotic Dominicans and friends of Dominica in Atlanta, Georgia and in Phoenix, Arizona to mobilize relief supplies to send to all Dominicans, I am reminded of the belief that I have always held dearly, that we have one Dominica; that we are one people under God and that we are our Brother’s keeper. Our love, respect and care for each other must always eclipse every other sentiment. Hurricane Erika did not discriminate; it unleashed its fury on every Dominican family. We must ensure that there is not discrimination in the distribution of the relief and redevelopment supplies provided by the regional and international communities and by Dominicans and friends in the diaspora.

The redevelopment of Dominica is going to be the shared responsibility of all Dominican at home and abroad. Let us all commit ourselves to the task of redevelopment and to a sincere effort of cooperation, collaboration and joint effort. May God Bless our fair land and ALL our people, and guide our leaders in this important and difficult task.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peter Azille, Sr.