Before the 1st quarter of 2019 ends, new doors will be opened to 114 families as the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica hands over the keys to their brand-new homes.

There will be a total of 114 units in the 2nd batch of handover from the Bellevue Chopin Housing Resettlement Project.

The units to be handed over will consist of: thirty-two 3-bedroom townhouses, twelve 3-bedroom apartments, and eight 4-bedroom semi-detached houses for a total of 52 units in Bellevue Chopin – Area A1.

In addition, a combination of twelve 3-bedroom and twelve 2-bedroom apartments units in Area C1 and fourteen 4-bedroom detached houses in Area C2 are ready to be occupied and will be handed over.

As the construction swiftly progresses, the Commercial Plaza and Community Centre are on track to open in March 2019.

As of today, Castle Bruce and La Plaine – East Coast Housing Projects, have already completed more than 30% of overall construction. Furthermore, Georgetown and Cotton Hill – West Coast Housing Project, have reached 20% and 15% construction progress respectively.

All Housing Dominica projects are being funded fully by the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) and are being built using modern construction techniques to ensure hurricane-resilient houses.