Phlebotomy Technician Course(PBT)
Phlebotomy is the science of blood collection by Venepuncture(cutting
through a vein) and collection of non-blood specimens.
It is the most exciting profession and you don’t have to spend lots of
time and money.
  Choose Phlebotomy!!!!
4 year B.Sc degree in U.S.A cost $200,000 , Income $ 3,400 or less per month
3 year B.Sc degree in Caribbean cost $100,000, Income $ 3,100 per month
6 weeks Phlebotomy Certificate Course $ 1950, Income $ 3,000 per month or more
                          The Choice is Clear.
Phlebotomy course is good for :
          . Nurses and Assistant Nurses who want to upgrade skills
          . Medical students
          . Pre-health and Pre-Nursing students
          . Soon to be retired persons
          . Unemployed
          . Employed who want a second career
          . People who want to have qualification after name
          . Anyone
        Get International certification!
All graduates are eligible to sit the ASCP(American Society for Clinical Pathologists)
exam and can put a top qualification after name. Example John Brown PBT(ASCP).
Call now 767-316-3044. Only 9 spaces left. Register.
On July 6 , 15 persons will be graduating form the Phlebotomy course.They are
all eligible to sit the exam for International certification and put PBT(ASCP)
after their name.
 Two persons from the first Phlebotomy course are presently employed with my center and
make $40 an hour or more.
The next Phlebotomy course begins July 23 and it’s important to sign up early to
save your space in the most exciting profession.
Put a top qualification after your name: Example John Brown PBT(ASCP)

Don’t lose this opportunity to be great and prestigous.