The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme is implementing the GEF funded project that requires the services of two consultants. The Project is entitled “Low Carbon Development Path (LCDP): Promoting energy efficient applications and solar photovoltaic technologies in streets, outdoor areas and public buildings in island communities nationwide”.


Project Brief 

The objective of the Project is the removal of the policy, technical and financial barriers to energy-efficient applications and solar photovoltaic technologies in Dominica’s streets, outdoor areas and public buildings nationwide, initially targeting up to 5 communities including (new) Dubique, Boetica, Roseau, Portsmouth and Salybia, for further scale up. This will be achieved through 3 components with the following outcomes: (i) improved knowledge, awareness and institutional capacity on EE applications and solar PV through demonstrations of their deployment in Dominica; (ii) the uptake of EE applications and solar PV technology is promoted through adoption of new institutional arrangements, and policy and enforcement measures; and (iii) scaled-up EE applications and RET investments through implementation of newly proposed financial and institutional mechanisms.


Positions available:

  1. Chief Technical Advisor (CTA)
  2. Low Carbon Officer (LCO)

For further details on these positions please visit and


Applications accompanied by Curriculum Vitae should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Health and Environment

Government Headquarters

Kennedy Avenue



And sent via email to and copied to and should reach her by Tuesday, 2nd January 2018.