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Name: Samaritan's Purse
767 276 0738
Roseau, Dominica

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Contact Information: Samaritan’s Purse
Phone: 767 276 0738

More information: Samaritan’s Purse (SP) is still in the process of purchasing the following items, SP posted this Tender Notice before on September 21st 2018 but did not receive the minimum required number of quotes and therefore re-invites sealed bids from eligible potential suppliers, those who bid before are advised to resubmit new bids.

#Item Description QTY Unit of Measure
1 Plastic cutting boards, size ¾ inches 32 inches by 32 inches 75 each
2 Stainless steel, blade size 8-9 inches, filleting knives 75 each
3 Neoprene apron, size ¾ inches by 33 ½ inches 75 each
4 Stainless steel scalers, size 8 inches – 10 inches 75 each
5 Non-Toxic Fish Tray, size 30 inches by 48 inches by 10 inches 75 each
6 Dial scale (hanging & top pan), 30lb 75 each

Prices quoted shall include any shipping and import and delivery costs to our warehouse in Canefield.
Instruction to bidder
Contact US for more Details on how to submit a bid.
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