Set on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, we follow Ras Julie and Albert Joseph and their family in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria - a devastating category 5 storm which struck the island a year ago. Their shocking story is one of pain and resilience. Care to listen a while?
Adrienne Clarkson profiles Roosevelt ‘Rosie’ Douglas, the Canadian-educated black political activist from Dominica who was deported for his involvement in 1969 student riots at Sir George Williams (now Concordia) University in Montreal.
ECCB Connects Season 7 Episode 11 - ECCB 2017 -2018 Annual Report
ECCB Connects Season 7 Episode 9 - Risk Based Supervisory Framework
Mystelics Vlogs
DHTA Hike Fest 2017
Jingping Music - Foundationn to Innovation
iLAND Resilience Whiteboard Video
Cheyenne Gives Thanks Video
24/7 Carlyn XP XPlicious
Young Bull - In Love With Val (Dominica Calypso/Soca 2018)
Smokie Cut - Pray For Dominica Official Music Video
The light of the Carnival is here! The light of Bouyon Music is here! DIZ IS DE BAND. Signal Band is ready to Lumi-Nate with the Lumi-Tribe for Lumi-Nation! Musically, this composition blurs the generation gap of Bouyon by borrowing elements from the original roots of the genre. Written & performed by: Darvin “Beetle J” Labad Arranged by: Sheldon Alfred & Dernel Green Mixed & mastered by: Dernel Green
Reo, one of Dominica's newest and hottest upcoming Bouyon artist brings to light the looting situation in the Caribbean after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Creative, raw and original - Reo brings his unique bouyon flavor to the looting crisis in "Looters Paradise".
Official music video for “No Fliter” by Clint H! Executive Producers: Clint H & Dion Henderson Director: Innov8 Multimedia & Clint H
In a time of tedious, labour-intensive tasks, the people of the beautiful village of Delices used work songs and percussive rhythms (Ti Bwa) to mentally alleviate the workload as well as reduce feelings of boredom. This mini-documentary takes us to a period where community spirit was at an all-time high in the production of Cassava and Toloman.
Head tying expert Delia Cuffy-Weekes demonstrates various Creole head tying styles suited for the womens' National wear of Dominica (Wob Dwiyèt) and the Jip.
Abiyah-Thank You For Mama Produced by: Hilroy Alfred Photo Credits: Kevin A Williams,Shahid Muqaddim, Andre Ajibade
Jethro Decimus, who is born & raised in Caribbean (Sint Maarten) but now lives abroad, aims to use lyrics that express hope, love, and joy - but more importantly, that point to the brokenness of the human condition. From slavery to brokenness, Jethro's music leaves one in a reflection mood.
Dj Flip Tha Boss ft. Oozy & Fierce - Work it for me
France Caraibe Broadcast Weekly Report
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