Signal Band x Wawa x Starsha x Delly - THE BEST LIFE - Bouyon 2019
Carlyn XP - Bouyon Army (Champion Riddim)
Bouyon music explores the power of advocacy! A once comfortable artist, Shelly, embarks on a journey of Local empowerment, which he claims to have been triggered by a “shifted energy.” The moment for LOCAL is now and beyond! Charity begins at home!
Carlyn XP - Carnavalist
Nature Isle Futures Conference (part I) - The "Big Idea"
Set on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, we follow Ras Julie and Albert Joseph and their family in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria - a devastating category 5 storm which struck the island a year ago. Their shocking story is one of pain and resilience. Care to listen a while?
Adrienne Clarkson profiles Roosevelt ‘Rosie’ Douglas, the Canadian-educated black political activist from Dominica who was deported for his involvement in 1969 student riots at Sir George Williams (now Concordia) University in Montreal.
ECCB Connects Season 7 Episode 11 - ECCB 2017 -2018 Annual Report
ECCB Connects Season 7 Episode 9 - Risk Based Supervisory Framework
Mystelics Vlogs
DHTA Hike Fest 2017
Jingping Music - Foundationn to Innovation
iLAND Resilience Whiteboard Video
Cheyenne Gives Thanks Video
24/7 Carlyn XP XPlicious
Young Bull - In Love With Val (Dominica Calypso/Soca 2018)
Smokie Cut - Pray For Dominica Official Music Video
The light of the Carnival is here! The light of Bouyon Music is here! DIZ IS DE BAND. Signal Band is ready to Lumi-Nate with the Lumi-Tribe for Lumi-Nation! Musically, this composition blurs the generation gap of Bouyon by borrowing elements from the original roots of the genre. Written & performed by: Darvin “Beetle J” Labad Arranged by: Sheldon Alfred & Dernel Green Mixed & mastered by: Dernel Green
Reo, one of Dominica's newest and hottest upcoming Bouyon artist brings to light the looting situation in the Caribbean after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Creative, raw and original - Reo brings his unique bouyon flavor to the looting crisis in "Looters Paradise".
Official music video for “No Fliter” by Clint H! Executive Producers: Clint H & Dion Henderson Director: Innov8 Multimedia & Clint H
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