Ministers Wilbert and Jacqueline Richardson

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14.

People of the Caribbean serious times are here, perilous times are ahead. Let us truly repent before the Lord.

Father in the name of Jesus Christ we repent as a people for the sins of gossip, slander, backbiting and operating in the spirit of Judas and the spirit of Haman. Lord we ask for Your forgiveness.  We repent Lord for the sins of deceit and hypocrisy, Lord we ask for Your forgiveness this day.

O Lord, we thank You for being merciful to us. We thank You for providing for us in times of need. We thank You for remaining a faithful God, even at times when we did not deserve it. Lord we pray this day that You will hear the cries of our heart. Lord Jesus, we who are called by Your name, humble ourselves, praying and seeking Your face this day. We turn from our wicked ways. Lord we pray that we will hear from heaven; that You will forgive our sin, and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

O Lord, instead of judgment, Lord we ask for Your mercy. Have mercy upon us in the Caribbean region Lord. Hear our cries this day. Lord, for the sake of us Your righteous, spare our Caribbean region. Lord, for the sake of the righteous, heal our Caribbean region. Lord for the sake of the righteous have mercy on the Caribbean.  Lord, for the sake of the righteous, send Your revival fire throughout the Caribbean region.  Lord for the sake of the righteous, let Your people arise, in Your power and in Your strength and declare and proclaim Your Word, doing Your work, under Your anointing with signs following.

Lord, we give You glory, we give You honour, we give You praise. We thank You Lord. We bless Your name oh God. For You are the only living God. You are all knowing and all powerful and we give You praise. You are our Jehovah Jireh, our Jehovah Nissi. You are our El Shaddai, You are our Adonai. Lord we give You praise this day.

Lord we pray for the Government officials and all the political leaders in the Caribbean.  We pray for their salvation, deliverance and healing of their body, mind, soul and spirit.  We pray that the political leaders and government officials will lead with integrity and with the fear of the Lord.  We pray that they will all realize that their first accountability is to You and then to the people.  We bind the spirit of corruption and greed in the Caribbean governments.  We come against the spirits of manipulation, control, generated by witchcraft in the name of Jesus Christ.

We bind mind blinding and mind binding spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.  We bind the spirit of Ahab generated by Jezebel spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.  We bind all marine spirits operating in the Caribbean governments in the name of Jesus Christ and we command those spirits to go chained into the bottom of the ocean in the name of Jesus Christ.  We bind the spirit of deception and bribery and we pray that those involved in such deeds would repent and turn to You.

We pray that all corrupt and hidden agendas and deed in the Caribbean governments be brought to light in the name of Jesus and that any act or deed that would bring the people into bondage be exposed and cancelled in the name of Jesus Christ.  Lord we pray that you would put men and women who fear and reverence You in positions in the governments in the Caribbean.  Men and women who are concerned first about pleasing you and next about doing what You have commanded them to do in the best interest of the people.

Lord let Your Holy Spirit brood over the Caribbean this day. Let people everywhere in the Caribbean today be convicted by Your Holy Spirit and feel the need to repent and turn to You. Lord You said that there will be signs in the heaven and signs on earth. Let these signs, lead and draw people to You. Lord send labourers into this vineyard. Let those of us who bear Your name sense the urgency of the call to live a holy life, spread Your Word and Your gospel in the Caribbean.

Lord give us Your children, Your words on our lips like coals of fire, so that we may speak forth Your Word with power and Your Holy Spirit would draw men and women unto You. Lord stir up the gifts of the Holy Spirit within us. Let double portion anointing flow in and through us that we will be empowered to do Your work in the Caribbean. Lord, help us to lift up the name of Jesus Christ at all times, therefore drawing men unto You.  Let your Holy Ghost fire fall in the Caribbean region so that we might experience a mighty move of your Holy Spirit and divine visitation, resulting in lives being transformed for your honour and glory.

Lord I call forth the Body of Christ in this hour in the Caribbean to rise up and take their rightful place and live and preach Your gospel. I call forth Your pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers, bishops and apostles to stand in this hour and this day and declare Your Word to the Caribbean without compromise and without fear. I call forth every member of the Body of Christ to go throughout the Caribbean and take back by force all the territory that the enemy has stolen.  Lord I give You praise.

Lord awake Your intercessors, and keep them on watch. Let them know through Your voice, Your Word, visions and dreams the urgency of the times. Lord I pray that the watchmen in the Caribbean will all awaken from their slumber and answer the call to go up on the wall and stay there. Let Your watchmen in the Caribbean be anointed like the sons of Issachar and know the times and season.

Yes, Lord, we give You praise.

Lord we pray for the witches, the warlocks, the wizards, the diviners, the sorcerers in the Caribbean that they may realize that the way of the devil leads only to death and eternal destruction.  We pray that they would repent, turn from their satanic ways of wickedness and their efforts to destroy lives, and turn their lives over to You.  Lord we know that it is not your will that any perish but that all may come to repentance.

Lord have mercy and intervene on behalf of those who have been innocently affected by witchcraft and other works of evil.  Bring deliverance, bring healing Lord, and have mercy.

Lord we thank You for hearing our prayer this day and we thank You for the wind of change that is blowing and the shaking that is taking place throughout the Caribbean; as hearts are turned back to You. We thank You Lord for experiencing the mightiest, most powerful move of Your Holy Spirit in the Caribbean region at this time. We thank You Lord for salvation, deliverance, healing in individually and in masses throughout the Caribbean.

Lord we ask you to strengthen the Body of Christ in the Caribbean.  Let us not grow weary in well doing.  Help us to press on and persevere no matter what knowing that you have promised never to leave nor forsake us.  We pray for salvation, deliverance and healing for the families in the Caribbean.  We pray for restoration of the family altars in homes in the Caribbean.  We take authority over the spirits behind separation, divorce and destruction of marriages and families in the name of Jesus Christ.  We bind the spirit of fornication, adultery, and incest in the Caribbean and we command those spirits to go bound into the bottom of the ocean in the name of Jesus Christ.

Lord, we ask you to intervene, especially in the month of December in the weather.  We bind the prince of the power of the air in the name of Jesus Christ and we take authority over the spirit of destruction and death in the name of Jesus Christ.  We come against strange fires in the Caribbean region in the name of Jesus Christ.  Lord, have mercy on us.

Thank You Lord that Your Word will penetrate the hearts and lives of men, women, boys and girls everywhere. Thank You Lord for the increase of signs following the believers in the Caribbean. Thank You Lord for everyone in Your Body in the Caribbean taking up the mandates individually and collective and doing all that You have called us to do. Thank You Lord for victory, total liberation in You, restoration, and a million fold return of all that the enemy has stolen from us as a people spiritually.

Thank You Lord for We give You thanks and we give You praise Lord. We give You all the honour and all the glory this day; in Jesus’ name, Amen.