Ministers Wilbert and Jacqueline Richardson

“Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuades me to be a Christian.”
– Acts 26:28

As I sought the Lord for a Word for today, I received the words of Acts 26:28: “…almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”

This devotional today is mainly for non-Christians, but many Christians are also falling in this category. They’re at a point of turning their backs on God, and they’re almost persuaded that the Christian life is not worth living.

God has created within each all us a desire that can only be filled by Him.

Because of sin and human desires, there is always this need for people to be satisfied. People try all sorts of things to try and fill this void. Some try illicit sex, some try drugs, some try money, some try worldly lusts. The truth is, only Jesus can satisfy the longing that’s in our souls. We were made and we were created to serve the Lord.

No matter who you are today and no matter where you are today, Jesus Christ loves you and He died that you might have everlasting life. God is a merciful God, and although you may not have given your heart to the Lord as yet, I know that you can look at many situations in your life and know that it’s just the mercy and grace of God that you’re still alive.

God is merciful. God has been good to you. Reflect today on the goodness of the Lord. If it had not been for the Lord, who is on your side, where would you have been today? You could have died and gone to hell, but God is merciful. He intervened and when the devil was about to destroy you, God stopped him and allowed you to live. You might be alive today because of the prayers of many friends and loved ones. Right now, it may not seem like your life is worth much to you. You may have lost your hopes, dreams, and desire to live. It may not seem like it’s even possible for you to really go on. But there is hope in Jesus Christ. There is new life in Jesus Christ. You can begin to live again.

The Spirit of the Lord has really been ministering to you and you have been thinking about serving the Lord. You have been seriously thinking about turning your life over to the Lord, but then there’s that element of doubt. You say to yourself at times, “What if I cannot remain a Christian? People have already given up on me and said I will never change. What if God feels the same way about me? With a past like mine, how can Jesus possibly change me? I used to be a Christian and I backslid. What are people going to think about me now if I try to come back to God? ”

God wants to really minister to you today and to let you know that there is no better time than now to accept Him into your heart and life. Today is the day of salvation. The mere fact that God has allowed you to be reading this devotional is a sign that the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you that “Today is the day of salvation.”

The thing or person that you might be holding onto that’s preventing you from accepting the Lord is not worth losing your soul. God is able today to deliver you and to set you free from the bondage of sin.