I think I have a problem. It started when I was roughly 12-years old. It was then I notice that I love sex. At first I thought it was just hormones or a teenage thing since we were told in school we normally go through that stage.

But as time goes by I realize that love for sex has turned into a burning urge. I want it more and more. No matter what I do, I feel I want more. I have been with a lot of guys hoping that one of them would put out that fire but it won’t stop.

In a sense I know something might be wrong, maybe an illness but on the other hand I am really enjoying it.

So I am getting more and more confused. I am 17 now. Am I a sex addict? Will this thing pass?

What should I do?


Dear Anonymous,

Based on your description you have a sex addiction. It leads to unhealthy sexual practices and habits. It is a disorder which can have damaging implications to you emotionally and psychologically.

It can be treated but it requires you to first admit and accept that you have this disorder. Having done this you educate yourself about the disorder to learn ways by which you can treat it. The treatment comprises controlling the impulses or addictive behavior and this requires discipline and commitment.

You may be enjoying the feeling but you need to be mindful of the need to develop healthy sexual behaviours and practices which does not include a variety of sex partners. You should also consider counseling.

Ironically Dominica News Online’s health column published an article on Wednesday, March 30 called “Compulsive Sexual Behavior.” It is very informative and you should read it.


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