Dear BellaDear Bella,

I am a terrible person. I found myself in a situation where I am hurting my sister and I don’t know how to fix it.

I found out her husband was cheating.

In fact, I caught him with another woman at a restaurant on the outskirts of Roseau. He begged me not to tell my sister for fear of destroying their marriage.

I jokingly told him “pay me” and he said “ok”.

Anyway, Bella he gave me $1,000 hush money. I never told my sister. Then a month ago she called with tears saying her husband is cheating because he came home smelling of another woman’s perfume.

I knew he was being unfaithful but I told her don’t think about that and be happy.

She asked me to speak to her husband about her concerns and when I did and told him to stop he offered me more money. I took it. This time, $2,500.

And this has been going on for months. He’s been giving me this hush money almost 11 months now and I feel like I am stuck because my sister is hurting and the one person who knows the truth is aiding and abetting in the situation.



Dear Stuck,

The first line of your statement is perhaps the only appealing part of your ordeal. You are in fact a terrible person. Frankly, I think your sister should divorce her husband and let you have him, since it appears that you both should be placed under the same umbrella.

If you want to make things right you need to let your sister know her husband is cheating and that you have been accepting money from him.

You should also need to take a decision and commit to repaying every cent that this man has given you.

Your sister may not trust you again. Your relationship could be ruined forever.

She may divorce her husband and her family could be in shambles.

This entire situation could blow up into a nasty ordeal that will leave people with scars that may be hard to heal.


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