Dear BellaIt’s been six years since dating my boyfriend and every time I think the man is going to propose to me, it turns out to be nonsense.

Like on my birthday, valentines and Christmas time, every time these days come along, I think ‘well that’s the day.’ But I always get the same chocolates, money and things I don’t exactly need.

What I need is to be married. I am tired of living in sin. I am tired of not being called Mrs. so and so. I am 42, what am I doing with a boyfriend still? I need a family. I kept asking him when he thinks he will pop the question. The man keeps responding which question am I talking about.

Bella, tell me if I should leave mister because the world might end before he marries me and I need to be stable and start my family before my eggs dry up.

I even suspect my eggs are drying up already.

Frustrated girlfriend


Dear Frustrated girlfriend

I have learned that you cannot force a man into marrying you if he doesn’t want to. I understand your concern because you are surely not getting younger.

If he can ask you what question you are talking about, it’s because clearly marrying you is the furthest thing from his mind. Sometimes when we want something and its not happening, we have to look deeper as to the cause of it.

It’s one thing to want a husband but are you ready? Being called Mrs. So and So and having children are two things but to maintain a marriage, you have to put in work.

If this man isn’t your future husband, and clearly, he isn’t, then you might have to consider your next move.

No woman wants to remain in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship all their lives, although I have seen in many times. Some people are 50 and still having boyfriends and girlfriends.

Don’t feel bad that you want stability. I suggest you find out what’s going on in that boyfriend’s head of yours and if your desires aren’t his, then maybe it’s time to think about moving on.



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