Dear BellaDear Bella,

Gay seems to be the in thing but not for me. I work at a store in Roseau and my boss’s sexual orientation is well-known.

When I started working with her, I had no clue. I have worked with her for years and she obviously never displayed any of her lifestyle to me.

But these days I’m feeling uncomfortable. She allowed me to take stuff in the store and she told me a few weeks that ago because my salary is small, I shouldn’t pay. I insisted I should. She didn’t accept the payment.

These days she brings me lunch and recently touched by “behind”, saying “round and brown”.

I wanted to vomit. I put her in her place. From then she looks at everything I do. If I am late by one minute, I get warnings. She took what I owed for the stuff from my salary without informing me.

She’s frustrating me. I know it’s because I refused her sick advances.

What should I do? I’ve been working there for years and if I leave I won’t get gratuity owed to me. But I can’t work in an environment like that.



Hello V

It is a shame that your boss would use her position to frustrate you. This cannot be easy and it’s hard for anyone to work in an environment like that.

In bigger countries, you would probably get the labour laws to support you and even have your boss prosecuted.

And as much as what I’m going to say might seem reckless; “this is Dominica and it may not go anywhere.”

Clearly, your boss is suffering from an issue of sour grapes and most often than not, when people with power get shamed or cannot have what they want, they use that power to make it hard for those who are responsible. That’s what’s happening here.

But V, you have to ask yourself some serious questions. You need to decide whether your peace is more important than a “small salary”, coupled with a vindictive boss.

If it is, then you know your next move? You claim if you resign you will lose your gratuity, but is it more important than your sanity? Ask yourself.



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