Dear BellaDear Bella,

I don’t particularly like my brother’s new girlfriend. I like the one he had before but for some reason, he dumped her for this new girl.

The reason I can’t stand a bone in her is that I think she is fake. She has this laugh and this smile that fades away as soon as someone turns their back.

I think she is with him because our family can afford. She has a good job but he buys her stuff. For her birthday he bought her an expensive watch. I had birthdays and he just gave me $100.

Whenever she comes to our home I leave because I just can’t stand her. I need to find a way to break them up. She is bad for his health.

I have been working with his EX to find ways to cause trouble like calling him at midnight while she is there but it never works. We also try to send him love texts from blocked numbers.

Why I know this girl is fake it’s because she never gets upset with him when she sees the text or when the phone rings at midnight. Any woman would be upset.

She doesn’t get upset because she doesn’t want to be dumped and lose out. Bella, what do you think I should do? I don’t want my brother to marry this girl so if I can split them apart I will save him a lot.

Sister Sister

Dear Sister Sister,

I think you should get a life. Seriously. You sound like an immature spoilt brat who is upset because her mother didn’t buy her ice-cream on Sunday.

If you love your brother you wouldn’t try to sabotage what he seemingly wants.

It appears from all you’ve said he is into his new girlfriend. Why can’t you just accept that?

If his EX is helping you with your failed attempts to ruin his relationship then no wonder he dumped her. No man would want a woman like that.

You need to find constructive things to do. Read a good book. Go for a long walk…do something because it seems that you have way too much time on your hand.

And please, leave your brother alone. You might end up losing him through your scheming.



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