Dear BellaDear Bella,

I have always made the right decisions in my life. I went to school, college, university and then got married. I have a daughter and a great husband.

Recently I went to an event with my best female friend and we had a few drinks. When I dropped her home, she kissed me on my lips and it lasted a few minutes.

Things got so intense that we went into her room we got passionately intimate. Then I went home to my husband. Since then we never spoke about it but I feel terrible especially after being intimate with my husband.

It’s playing a lot on my mind because I loved how she made me feel. The thing is Bella, my husband isn’t into foreplay and many don’t even understand that women enjoy the foreplay more than they do penetration.

Oral in my house is ancient. He never wants to give it and so I accepted it as something I have to live without.

But after this night with my best friend, I am beginning to think that perhaps the lack of it drove me to my behavior.

Bella, do you think I should tell my husband? Because I am worried it might happen again.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Dear Good Girl Gone Bad,

“You are worried it might happen again” …therefore it appears that you have lesbian tendencies and your concern about your husband might be related to your own security. Notice that you did not express remorse. You need to examine yourself to see who you really are before you load up your husband with this. Once you establish who you are, you will be better able to determine the kind of lifestyle you wish to live.

You alluded to doing something wrong by your concern that you might do it again.

Could it be that your conscience was awakened because of what’s written in Romans 1:26? “God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other”.

We should all be able to judge ourselves and thus have a reason for doing whatever we do.


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