Dear Bella,

I am in a relationship that drives me crazy and even sometimes makes me think of taking my life.

I am 24 and in a relationship with a 19-year-old. I have been in some relationships and got treated like trash but still decided to try again.

I have been cheated on, used for financial benefits and the list goes on. I have no one I could talk to about this so that’s why am writing you.

I do my best to make my girl happy I would get paid and give her like 95% of my income.

I would be there for her and show her that I love her. I would sit and talk with her about my past and the neglect I face as a child and right now we are having issues, she’s dumping it all in my face.

Bella, my soul is crying as am writing this. I moved in with her recently now I have nowhere to go. It’s frustrating.

She even went as far as telling me that I should die while I am at work and am a motherless and fatherless child.

I am outside under a shed avoiding her and I could hear her telling her mother all sorts of things about me and they are just laughing like it’s a joke.

Am feeling so used and the pain is just unbearable.

Sometimes, I tell myself that I should have just played her and all the others who caused me pain.

I wish I knew what I did wrong to be going through such things.






Dear Broken,

Your letter touched me to the core and sometimes we don’t have to do anything wrong to go through such things.

But when we realize people are using us, we have to wise up and run as far away from them as possible.

If somebody loves you, they won’t wish that you die on a job that is obviously taking care of their needs.

Why do you think you need to give her 95% of your pay anyway? You have to realize that giving somebody money won’t cause them to love you.

My advice to you is to begin to look at things differently. Based on the way you wrote your letter, I sense you aren’t a fool. You are wise.

The first thing you need to do is move out of this 19-year-old girl’s home. Furthermore, she’s living with her mother.

If there’s a relative, friend or even co-worker who can take you in until you can save up some money to get your own place – rented or even with a roommate – then begin to make plans to let them know your situation.

Being an orphan is not easy but take courage because the eyes of the Lord are on people like you.

Let us know how things go.