Dear BellaDear Bella,

My ex is threatening to post nude pics of me online if I don’t keep having sex with him.

When we first met we were soooo in love. It’s like I was crazy and would do anything and so he had me take several nude pics.

There are some when we were engaged in intimate activities. His face was not showing.

But I left him because he cheated. Now I met someone I love and my ex is threatening to publicly embarrass me.

He blackmailed me and I gave him what he wanted a few times but he keeps using my fear to take advantage of me.

I don’t want to lose my current boyfriend but I cannot continue to be blackmailed like this.

Plus, I feel like I am cheating on my boyfriend by having sex with my X like that. What should I do?



Dear Blackmail,

Let me first start by saying I understand what you’re going through because I suffered a similar situation.

Only it was a guy who told me I should sleep with him else he would tell my dad I had a boyfriend.

My dad wasn’t easy.

Anyway, I told him to go right ahead. Similarly, I am telling you, tell this pathetic ex of yours to go ahead.

Now you need to come clean with your current boyfriend and if he loves you enough, he will understand and see past this mistake that you’ve made.

Secondly, there are laws against such acts and at least you have that going in your favor.

Posting nude pics of someone is against the laws. The same punishment applies for those who share these photos/videos.

Pray for your ex that he turns from his wicked ways and pray that karma doesn’t come back and bite him in the rear. Free yourself from this bondage.

And if he decides he is above the law and shares your nude pics, then this too shall pass.

P.S try not to take nude pics of yourself for anyone. Not even your husband. Tell your husband you’re better looking in the “real”.
Cheer up.



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