Dear BellaDear Bella,

My wife eats like a pig. I am not being critical of her. I love her but I am using this forum because I have tried everything else. Bella, our grocery bill is too much to even mention and now it’s causing a financial strain.

Bella, she wakes up makes breakfast. Six eggs, an entire chicken frank pack, baked beans, two mastiffs and a big jug of juice.

I keep telling her we can do four eggs, four sausages and use the baked beans with something else on another day. I also suggested four slices of wheat bread shared equally or some fruit. But ah wah…Is like a pig she eating.

Bella, the woman would eat all that in the morning. A typical lunch would be a feast and snacks and dinner, another feast.

I can’t do anything to get her to stop. She is over 310 pounds and climbing and her cooking is making me overweight too because it’s all greasy stuff.

When we go to family dinners, her plate is always sky high and I sometimes feel embarrassed because people are watching. She would go for seconds too and maybe thirds. I kid you not.

I am worried about her health and since she is a housewife I am the one paying the grocery bill.

We would usually shop together on weekends and I pay by check so whatever she puts in the basket is what I have to pay for.

I will never embarrass my wife by putting things back on the shelf but alas Bella, that woman can eat. She eats too much and now I am very concerned.

What should I do? I have talked about it for years and nothing has changed except that the grocery items became more expensive and she has increased in body mass.

Worried Husband.


Dear Worried Husband,

Your wife seems to be suffering from an eating disorder or she could just be simply greedy.

You need to find out for sure which one is the truth.

Wives must be submissive to their husbands because they are the head of the home so if she disobeys your directions on the quantity and quality of your meals then that’s another issue right there.

It means she has no regard for your advice.

Have you thought about getting someone you trust to speak to her about her eating habits and consequences for her health? A close family friend, the family doctor or even your church leader? Perhaps she may listen.

I know it can be embarrassing but what is worse? Telling someone you trust or walking around with an obese wife who stacks up plates at restaurants that have the entire world talking?

Old folks have a way of saying “who don’t hear will feel”, and I hope it doesn’t have to come to this because, at 310 pounds, hypertension and diabetes may be already knocking at the door.

Don’t take that matter lightly. And to protect yourself, try preparing your own healthy meals so you won’t fall prey to the health risks associated with the way your wife cooks.


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