Dear Bella

I am marrying a woman and her daughter is 17 and would have to eventually move in with us.

I am worried because that girl just looks like trouble. I would visit her mother and she would literally wear nothing. Walking around with t-shirt and panties in the house. I would ask her mom whether she thinks it’s appropriate and she said “it’s a Dominican thing, girls don’t wear clothes in the house”

I also notice when I am around, she sways in a seductive way and she would keep going to the fridge for water. She must be really dehydrated when I am around.

I love my wife to be but I smell trouble with this wild child of hers because I see the way she looks at me and shakes her behind when she passes near my sitting area.

I am a Christian and we decided to wait so we sit in the living room or we hang out on the gallery. Sometimes we go out.

If this girl has to live with us then there has to be some rules. Because everything about her spells trouble and I won’t allow her to walk around half naked in my home.

Help Me

Dear Help Me

You have every right to be concerned. A lot of men would speed up the wedding just to have the excitement of her walking in her undies on a daily basis.

Your concern means that you are aware of the situation and wants to nip it in the bud.

The response from her mom is immature and irresponsible. She needs to instill respect in her daughter.

The daughter too can carry herself better than that especially if she lives in a home with someone else.

Have you said to her mother that she looks at you in a seductive manner? Or that she does the catwalk in an apparent attempt to get your attention? You need to bring these things to the table.

Let her mother know she won’t be able to do that once she moves in with you. Communication is key in these matters.

You say you’re a Christian man. Then start to pray because based on what you’ve said you step daughter may have the hots for you and that could be detrimental to the family that you are now trying to build with her and her mom.

All the best