Dear Bella: My boyfriend of 3 years who broke up with me wants to get back together.

We were really going down a bad road in our relationship and he had major issues trusting me because of infidelities in previous relationships. He also was leaning on the controlling, possessive side. It was getting so frustrating that we decided to part. However after six months he’s telling me that he wants things to work out, but he was intimate with someone. I never did anything with anyone since we’ve broken up and neither have I gone out on any dates.

He already cheated on me countless times while we were together. Should I give him another chance?

In Two Minds.

Dear In Two Minds,

It’s time to move on. You should also let your ex lover know that as well. It doesn’t make sense being with someone who you can’t trust and who can’t trust you either. You will have a hard time achieving happiness, and maybe you should focus your attention on someone who you don’t have so much of a messed up past with. Just don’t rush into anything with anyone who you’re not sure about and will end up hurting you again.


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