Dear BellaI am a 20-year-old male from the south and I realize that I am sexually attracted to men. After reading the excerpt from Parry Bellot, I realized that I need to be open about me being gay.

Over the past three years I have been with almost 21 men from the country. Bella to be honest with you I did not know there were so many gay men in Dominica, most of them walk the street dressed in jacket and tie and some have wives or girl friends.

It’s just amazing how these men made me feel, when I’m with them I feel like I’m on cloud nine.

None of my family members know about my secret life and everyone in my family is homophobic, there is no way they would treat me the same if they found out.

Now I want to stop, and get my life on the STRAIGHT and narrow road.

What should I do?

Confused 22


Dear Confused 22,

“Cloud nine” huh? Let’s get down to cloud “one” for a second here. According to the constitution, homosexuality is still very much a crime in Dominica (until government decides to amend the act and make it legal), so you coming out in the open and telling the world you are gay could just land you in jail.

Just like you said, I too ” did not know there were so many gay men in Dominica,”.

You claimed that you wanted to change your life and this I can assure you will take some will power, faith and support because after sleeping with over 21 men in a three year period and love being on cloud nine, there’s no telling this wouldn’t be easy.

You need to seek God. He is a forgiving God and once you are truly repentant, he will forgive you. Your first step would be to end all existing relationships with your male partners. You can also seek to speak to an elder or the head of your religious organization and move on from there.

Good luck


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