Dear BellaI hope you will be able to publish my letter so I can hear what others have to say.

I know it is going to be harsh but I am willing to hear what the public has to say so I can help myself.

I am married to a wonderful woman. We have been together for many years and now we have kids together. I love her yes but my eyes still wander.

I have been with other girls younger than me, the first time I say it will not happen again then there was a second and a third time.

She has forgiven me but I think she is really tired and is watching every step I take.

I have been good for the past year now, it is hard but do love her and my kids to death, but every time I see a younger woman I fall.

My wife is not ugly, she is very pretty and has a good body. I know what most of you are saying but I am trying, I have been to a priest and pastor but it does not go away.

No we have not been to a marriage counselor yet, I think that is a waste of time, they  have their problems too. I’ve been to church and pray. I do pray that God will give me strength but I think she is so fed up with me because she doesn’t not want to pray with me or go to church with me no more.

What do you think I do, what can I do to stop it. I want to, I am trying, and as I am writing this letter I have been good for a year now, Which I am trying my best so she does not leave me. I do think of leaving so she can be happy but what about our kids? I do not want to leave them.



Dear HELP,

It appears you are going through a collosal struggle based on lust.

Let me say that lustful thoughts are completely normal, it’s what you do with these thoughts that will determine any consequences after. You say that the woman you are married to is a wonderful woman. I’m sure this wonderful woman has had thoughts on other men, but has she acted on them? Probably not.

This sounds a lot more serious than just simple thoughts though. You are coming across as if you are having difficulties in controlling your thoughts and desires. You need to ask yourself why is it so difficult to control them.

I encourage you to work on your self control. You said you have been “good” for a year, keep it up. Do things that will make life exciting at home, including spicing up your sex life.

You said you love your wife and kids to death, so don’t do anything that will make you lose them, probably over someone you don’t even know.


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