Dear Bella: I think my best friend is falling for me. I believe she is getting too close to comfort and I am worried this can jeopardize a good friendship based on my experience.

I love her a lot, but I don’t want to get intimately involved with her and then things just end up being weird. I also have a girlfriend and she knows that, but lately she’s been giving me these unusual looks and touches. I mean we hug, play and joke around, but I can just feel like these are new feelings developing. She knows me like the back of a book like I know her very well. We share everything and talk about relationships. How can I let her know that I just want to remain friends?

Trying to save a friendship.

Dear Trying to save a friendship,

Simply ask your best friend if she likes you more than just a friend because you’re sensing that her way of behaving is different around you. If she admits let her know how much you cherish you friendship and that if she cherishes it too she will respect your stance on the matter.

Make her aware of how you feel, and that you don’t want things to complicate the relationship you already have. Sometimes the best friends make the best lovers. However, sometimes an intimate/sexual relationship with a close friend doesn’t always bode well.


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