Dear Bella: I’m a young man who works at an office with a prominent insurance company. I just recently got married and I have a child on the way. Bella, the problem is that I am getting hit on by the manager of the company, an out-of-shape lady in her late 40s.

Bella, she’s in her 40s but she could easily pass for 60 and it’s obvious she has been eating way too much fast food. She keeps inviting me to come over to her place. She is always hanging around my work station, other employees are starting to notice. It’s so awkward!

What should I do Bella? I know she is in a position to give me benefits if I give her what she wants. Or she can make my life miserable if I don’t.

Quitting is not an option, it’s a good-paying job and I have my family to support.

Dear Sir: You may be overreacting. Your boss inviting you over to her place may be a friendly gesture. I had many bosses who invited me to their places for a drink or for dinner, or to meet their business associates or friends. Quit the shallow thinking. The boss probably sees a great potential in you and wants to get closer to helping you achieve your dreams.

I believe you should accept her invitation and see what she is really up to. If she is up to no good then it will also be an opportunity to respectfully state your concern in a polite and respectful manner.

Otherwise, stop day dreaming.


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