Dear BellaI met this guy about three years ago and I was attracted to him since he was very nice, has a very good education and a good job. A very decent man.

Or so I thought.

Soon after we began dating I noticed that he was quite a different person. He was short tempered, drank a lot and is always ‘checking out’ other women, even in my presence.

I brought this to his attention and I was told I was over reacting and I should instead “expand my horizon.” I was kind of baffled his response, but I kind of let the whole thing go.

Until one night when he got really drunk and slapped me in front of a whole bunch of my friends. It was very embarrassing and I said to myself that was it.

Thing is I just cannot get him off my mind. I see him in my dreams, I think of him all the time, I keep watching his photos of Facebook and so on. Trust me, no matter how I tried I cannot stop thinking of him.

I remember he once told me that I cannot never leave him and no matter what I must come back to him.

A friend of mine told me its obeah he worked on me and I think this is true since I just cannot get this guy off my mind and it is driving me crazy.

I have seen one obeah man already and I have another appointment with him soon.

But I just feel as if I am not on the right track.

Is it true someone can work obeah on you in such a manner?

Everyone seems to be telling me the same thing.



Dear Baffled,

This whole thing about obeah is only in the head and you need to get it off your mind. This superstition is keeping you as a slave to a guy who appears doesn’t really love you.

It appears that your boyfriend gets violent when he consumes alcohol and this is not really what you want in your life.

You need someone who loves you, treats you right and doesn’t have to slap you in the presence of your friends. Get this guy out of your mind and get someone who loves you.

And by the way that person you are seeing as the “obeah man” is just ripping you off and I suggest that you don’t visit him for your next “appointment.”


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