I am a young lady and I am very confused!!!

I have a boyfriend who I love very much. He have been together for eight years now but the problem is that he is out of state and I think when he is home he is seeing someone else. I confronted the girl I think he is seeing and she said nothing is going on but Bella his phone rings all the time, she calls him everyday and text him too. What would you think if you were in my position?

This have driven me away and I am now seeing a man that is twice my age. I am really beginning to fall deeply in love with this other guy but  I seem to be falling for the wrong guys. Bella this new guy was married twice and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like he can get over the pain of being rejected twice.

What should I do about my boyfriend and the suspicions he is raising in my mind and this other guy I am seeing?

Very Confused.

Dear Very Confused,

I see red flags in both cases. You said you and your boyfriend have been together for eight years and yet the relationship doesn’t appear to be as solid as expected after all those years. With this girl calling and texting constantly there is substantial grounds for being suspicious. Have you spoken to him concerning your suspicions? I suggest you do.

Now concerning the other guy who is twice your age, again I see some problems because apparently he hasn’t gotten over the pain of his two previous divorces. He is going to bring a lot of baggage into any new relationship and this could spell disaster. I would not suggest a relationship with someone like that unless he decides to break clean with his past and move on. Plus age could be a factor you have to take into consideration.

Now you are at a cross road and you cannot serve two masters. Probably you should start thinking of moving on from these two guys. I am sure you are a beautiful young lady with lots of potential and you can always find a guy who will love you for what you are.