I’ve been married for a number of  years and suspects my husband  was cheating. I love him very much and he knows that but I don’t trust him and he always denies when I confronts him about cheating, even when I have evidence.

However a few months ago he confessed to me, for the first time in our relationship,that he had cheated with someone I know and he really decides to change his life style.

Should I forgive him and trust him again?


Dear Confused,

It is ironic that a few days ago we were discussing the topic ‘Why mean cheat’ and you are coming up with the same topic.

Now your husband has confessed to you that he cheated. This is a bold step since most men won’t even contemplate confessing. Very few men can admit when they have done wrong. They rather keep their transgressions to themselves. Confessing is a sign that he has accepted his fault and no longer is in denial.

So this opens the door to developing the trust which was lost. Forgiving him would help heal the relationship and give him the motivation to work through his goal to change.

In life everyone deserves a second chance and you should explore that possibility.


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