Dear BellaI have been married to my loving husband for over a month.

Everything is great, however we have this one problem: his ex (his child’s mother) who is overly obsessed with him.

He have tried several ways of getting it to her head that he needs to move on and stop with her compulsive obsession. He even went as far as telling it to her in public but she just won’t hear. Even people  who are close to her tell her that she needs to move on.

How can we ge it through her head that she needs to move on with her life get a job and look after her child than to sit obsessing over a man  who wants nothing to do with her except where the child concerns?

Fed Up


Dear Fed Up,

Ignore her. If she comes on his property file a restraining order.

Most importantly make sure he has contact with her only where the child is concerned. Get a third person involved in this just so that things can be on the safe side.

Also make sure that your husband has actually gotten over her. Some people say “old fire stick catch fire quick.” So make sure that he also ignores her when it comes to their past ‘escapade’ and you are not the only one ignoring her.

She has no choice to move on then. If your husband agrees he is the father of the child then that’s his decision whether he wants to be a father to the child. She can’t force him to be a father.

Child support though, that’s a different story and is something he must take seriously.


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