Dear Bella: I am a married man for eight years with a wonderful wife. She has been nice to me in many ways but the one thing I need she cannot give it to me and it hurts.

Bella I had a child before I married with another woman and my child’s mother keeps her away from me. Since I have been married my wife is unable to give me any children.

We have tried everything possible but nothing works. My family and friends cause me to feel uncomfortable with their various questions so I choose not to go around them. Her family don’t like me and I haven’t done them anything so my life sucks.

This need causes me look at other woman but I want to keep my marriage. The sad part is that I can’t live hoping any more.  What should I do?

Dear Sir: All hope is not lost. In your letter you did not say whether you sought medical advice or not. If you haven’t that is the first step. You and your wife should do fertility tests to determine what the real problem is. Once the problem is identified then a solution can be recommended.

I have known many couples in your situation who have sought medical advice and now have a family.

There is a very good facility in Barbados called the Barbados Fertility Centre. Look them up at

If you love your wife, let her know your true feelings about the matter and tell her you’re willing to work things out by obtaining advice. Take my advice, you won’t regret it.


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