I think my sister wants to steal my boyfriend. I mean whenever he comes around she sticks on to him like glue. They watch TV, they laugh, they do all kinds of things. Sometimes I wonder who is his girlfriend.

I spoke to him on many occasions about this but he keeps on saying I am overreacting and he is just getting to know his future sister-in-law.

But somehow I don’t buy this. I just hope I am not overreacting.

What should I do?


Dear Over-confused,

I sense a little insecurity here and that is something you should work on. In all this you haven’t mentioned whether you have spoken to your sister or not on this matter. Now is the best time. Don’t be aggressive, just have a sister to sister conversation with her concerning your fears.

When you have all this down and settled have another chat with you boyfriend. Just be honest. This is an issue that can be easily settled when all parties involved are honest with each other.


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