Dear Bella: I don’t know if this is the kind of story you publish because I’ve only been reading your article for a short while, but I am at the end of the rope and I could use some help.

I have a friend who got mixed up with the wrong girl and now she’s using his money to do voodoo to keep him.

I have watched this young man work so hard for everything he has and now because of this with his baby’s mama he’s not happy in his own home. I’ve always heard about voodoo but up until now I never believed people actually did that sort of thing.

The young lady is just as wicked. This man work hard to take care of his family and he’s the sole provider for his little girl. I tried talking to him but all he can say is “I’m just going to let it play out” but Bella, from what I read online, that sort of black magic the girl is doing is nothing to let play out.

I can’t go into too much details because I was told about this in secrecy but every time I see him it breaks my heart to see him so miserable and I want to help but all I can do is suggest he starts going to church and pray.

Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Ms. T

Dear Ms. T:

You’re accusing this young lady of practicing voodoo to tie this man, but what you have not explained is how. You seem convinced but you also need to convince me that this young lady is indeed doing this voodoo thing. I need more details in order for me to pass any judgment.

As you said, this young man is your friend, so nothing is wrong in looking out for your friend. It is good that you have given him advice. That’s the most you should do. Ensure you keep out of his relationship because you do not want to cause further problems for him.

He is old enough to learn. If indeed this young lady is practicing voodoo, this would be more reason to stay far from her and continue to be a friend.

In the meantime, all you can do is pray for him, but if there is no good reason to judge this young lady you must say a prayer for yourself.


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