Dear Bella

I’m a sixteen year old with lots going on in my life. I’m involved with an 18 year old who does not treat me to good. We have been together for two years now and his very abusive and jealous.

But that’s not all I found out about a year ago that he was involved in another relationship and it really hurt me. He claims to love me but at times i don’t really think he does. I can forgive him at all and because of this  I somewhat got involved with another boy from the same community that treats me better, but the sad thing is that he got a girlfriend. I have strong feelings for the both of them.

My boyfriend tells me at times that I act like a bitch and I don’t think I act like one at all. At times when I go in his inbox I see text messages from his ex-girlfriend and many other girls and when I confront I him about it he say that he loves me and not them. It’s the same thing with his Facebook.

When I tell him its over he beats me and I forgive him and take him back. All my friends and family members tell me that I should leave him but i really love him and that’s my first real relationship. When we have a fight I run to the other guy for comfort. I really want to tell him that its over but am scared that he’ll hit me again if I do so. I just don’t have it in me to sit down and really talk to him, what should I do?


Dear Confused,

As a sixteen year old you shouldn’t be contemplating, much less talking, about the kinds of relationship you mentioned. At your age you should concentrate on getting an education for yourself. A good education will make your future brighter

Furthermore, you mentioned being in a jealous and abusive relationship which also includes being beaten. This is not the type of relationship for any woman, whether she is sixteen for forty-six. So get out.

You need to start prioritizing what is most important in your young life.


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