Dear Bella: I am in a very deep situation. A girl I had sexual relations with two years ago met me recently with a baby girl, about two years old, telling me the child is mine.

She said she kept it a secret because she didn’t want to break up my marriage. She said the child is mine and she would never ever give me a “jacket”. Bella, this took me by surprise. I do not know what to say or do. The child does not really look like me. She looks like her mom. But I do not understand why she would keep that a secret.

I knew it was odd when she just left without notice and all those times she told me she was involved and working on a cruise ship. Now, she is telling me all that was lie. She left to have the baby and stayed with her parents. I am now separated but I still do not want my wife to know about this as it would make matters worst.

Help please!

Dear Sir: Her story is indeed shocking but it is not rare. Some women do that but the solution is simple: do a DNA test to prove whether or not the child is yours.

If the child is yours then you have to do what is right: support the child. She probably is checking you now because she is unable to take care of the child anymore. I suggest you take a DNA test as soon as possible.


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