Dear Bella: I find myself being very depressed lately, a lot more than the usual. I used to feel that way when I was a teenager; however I find this depression has taken a toll on me.

It affects my relationship with others as well- be it intimate or a mere friendship. I can’t explain the reason for these feelings, and the times I get it are not during menstruation, still I feel real moody, and usually want to be alone. I even think this has led to my insomnia. Yet generally I am a positive person, who knows what I want and sometimes I just feel like my dreams are not being fulfilled.

Depressed woman.

Dear Depressed woman,

The reason for your depression may be more of a psychological thing than emotional. I say this because you said you’ve felt like this in your teens up until now. At times women are moody within their menstrual cycle, but we can rule out that factor because you feel this way out of that period.

While I am not a therapist or psychologist you sound like you have hypomania. Your explanation of your feelings sounds similar to a manic person. According to, Hypomania is abnormality of mood but even normal euphoria and mania. Characterized by optimism, pressure of speech and activity, and decreased need for sleep. Some people have increased creativity while others demonstrate poor judgment and irritability.

Hypomania is a less severe case of Bipolar Disorder, which makes one take risks more often than the ‘ordinary’ person. To be sure of what’s really going on with you please seek some medical attention, like making an appointment to see a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst.

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