I can remember this like it was just last night. The day I found out something was following me while walking home from night classes. I used to live upper Kings Hill so I would be walking up mostly dark abandoned roads with nothing but bush on either sides of the road.

It would be a good 15 minutes walk till you see houses or street lights on most parts. I would walk home only if I could not hitch a ride up the hill; no bus runs after 9pm so I would be on a belle marché.

It was one particular night as I walked home I saw something moving in the sky. It caught my attention right away. Moving too slow and flying too low to be a plane. I was surprised seeing this bright yellow ball of light hovering and bobbing in a zig zag motion in the sky.

A cold feeling shivered over my body as the thing stopped and just hovered a few feet over the road. I was frozen in my path. I didn’t know if I should run up the hill or back down. Then with no warning the light just went out in a real freakish manner. I mean the thing just fizzled out almost in a cloaking manner.

I was scared out of my skin, my stomach felt hot and started to feel the pain of fright. I never felt that way in all my life. I had no cell phone, no body was around to hear my bawls of “”Boyyy who tell me to walk home nah boy!!” I started whimpering as my mind raced for answered of WTMA was that?!! Just then I started to smell something. It was a distinctly sort of smell that to this day triggers me back to that moment when ever I smell it. It smelt of sulphur and rotten eggs mixed with a decaying death odor. This made my hair stand straight up as I started to cold sweat.  I thought to my self WTMC is that?!! I could not take it no more. I started to run up the hill.

I ran towards a fork in the road but had to stop dead in my tracks because I could not bear to take in what was in the middle of the road. Two yellow eyes in the dark BLINKING! At this point I was already holding a malvat. I shouted at the THING, “”What you want! Leave me gasa!” Then the eyes started moving in a sort of way as if the THING was laughing at me. The smell came thicker and more sour. I was paralyzed with fear. The sound of chains and a hoof beating the road was deafening like the THING was taunting me and getting ready to charge.

Just then the noise of an engine burst out from down the hill followed by lights in which the eyes acted like they were closed and vanished in the dark. I flagged the ride down. It was an old “Brogadou” van and I knew the driver. I jumped inside and before I could say a word the driver told me he smell a “Diab” lower down the road and I should be careful walking these roads after dark. He then started talking about jumbies biting people on the same stretch of road. I just sat back in my chair speechless all the way home I couldn’t believe I was almost snacked on!

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