Lucia John, PhD

According to Natural Law, our normal body temperature is about 98.6 degrees F. If we raise that temperature a few degrees, the body starts to show signs of distress, and we say we have a fever. We try hard to return to homeostasis or normal functioning.

When we drink ice-cold water, juice, or any ice-cold fluids, we create the basis for chronic diseases.
If you purchase a bowl of cow’s blood at the market to make some famous black pudding, and you put a cube of ice in this blood, observe what happens. This fluid, warm blood becomes thick, sticky, cool, or cold blood and appears to be like jello as it clots. This is what happens in our bodies when we drink cold water or juice or any ice-cold fluids like beer etc.

The body is about 70% fluid, and any fluids taken into the body becomes part of that 70%. Knowing this, we have a responsibility to put into our bodies, only drinks and foods that will enhance its proper functioning. A body that cannot circulate its blood is like an uninviting swimming pool in which moss and bacteria grow. The blood may be thick, unable to flow properly to the extremities of the body, the hands and feet begin to feel numb and hurt, the toes begin to hurt, the toenails lose their shine and may begin to decay. The heart labours to pump the blood throughout the body, and the lungs fight to keep up. The legs may swell and become dark, when blood cannot be efficiently pumped back up to the heart.

When the blood is free from toxins and flowing freely and properly, we can then liken the blood to an inviting swimming pool, clear and clean. It generates happiness and perfect health, energy and creativity. This individual contributes maximum to the health and wellbeing of others in an innocent, natural way.

Illness may have many symptoms, but it is a process as we go from perfect health to ill health. If we understand the process of Perfect Health, we will recognize when something undesirable is happening in our bodies or minds and we will not allow it to become chronic before seeing our doctor. We need to change our fascination with disease to fascination with perfect health; then our lives will mirror our fascination and create it.

There are other things that make the blood thick and toxic: little or no exercise, little or no sunlight especially early in the mornings, junk foods and eating at the wrong times, especially late at nights and going to sleep with a full stomach. It settles and ferments instead of being digested and absorbed. Wrong breathing habits which cause carbon dioxide to back up in the lungs and pollute the blood. Taking hallucinogenic drugs of any kind and also the use and abuse of alcohol, have similar effects. Trauma and abuse, even on the mental and emotional levels will give similar results.

How to get rid of this undesirable condition:

• Visit your doctor as soon as you notice that there is something that should be corrected.
• Take warm and or hot fluids
• Take regular walks
• Start an exercise program
• Eat smaller food portions and eat more often to generate and conserve energy
• Have your blood pressure checked regularly
• Research, investigate, inquire, be curious to know more about yourself and your condition
• Do not be afraid to find out if something is wrong with you
• Have regular checkups with your doctor

Expect perfect health. It is your birthright!
It is up to you to work towards Perfect Health, the state in which the body, mind, behavior, and spirit function as one – in Wholeness. In that state, illness cannot exist or take hold. It is a state of constant cheerfulness, where positivity and right thoughts, words, and actions are the norm.

On the contrary, when ill health is attacking the body, the mind becomes unstable and negative. The nervous system is restless and also unstable, and we can’t be still for one moment. We can’t resist talking constantly, and cannot stop having negative thoughts. The emotions may be out of control, we experience anxiety attacks, panic attacks, depression, fear, phobia and the like.

Persons experiencing the above symptoms need to learn to relax and meditate. Even to pray, one needs a quiet and peaceful mind. The immediate need is to quieten the mind. Because of the intimate connection between mind and body, when the mind is quiet, the body will quieten down also and we experience inner peace, inner silence, inner stillness. In this state, the entire body becomes alkaline and illness cannot exist in an alkaline environment. With regular practice of stillness, silence day and night, morning and evening, the body takes the habit of functioning in a healthy rested creative but dynamic way, and inner happiness – bliss is the result. Such persons contribute maximum to the creation of an ideal society, free from crime and negative deviant tendencies.

It is possible to create such a society, as it is the individuals who collectively contribute their positive thoughts, words, actions, and intentions in a simple natural way to the collective consciousness of the nation.

Lucia John has a doctorate in Vedic Science and Technology which is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.  Dr. John is also a certified stress therapist, certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and is the director of the  Perfect Health Institute, Maharishi Vedic Health Spa and co-director  of the Dominica Institute of Natural Law.

Dr. John can be contacted at tel #’s: 1 767 449 8154 – 1 767 614 0903 – 1 767 275 8154 or at