Dr. Lucia John

These words were pronounced by Jesus Christ. He  showed the world how to live the reality of God on Earth.  He showed with His life how to go within to the kingdom of Heaven and unlock the full Human potential which is nothing less than Divinity. He said, ‘What I do, you will all do and more, and where I go, you will go also.’

We are Made in the Image and Likeness of God. That means that who we really are is ‘divine.’ We are surely not the body. The body belongs to us. We are not a name, nor a personality.  The Inner Man, the Soul, or Spirit, or Higher Self, or Inner Self resides within the body and communicates with the outer world through the five senses. The Inner Man is always in Silence, Stillness.

When we experience the silence within our hearts, we realize that we are also That. Establishing this experience through regular practice twice a day, morning and evening, or day and night, one realizes the Inner Self. This is Self Realization. This is Enlightenment. This is what the ancients meant when they said ‘Know Thyself’  It is rather ‘Know ThySelf’

The wave and the ocean are one. The wave is active and the ocean is silent. The wave is made of the same substance as the ocean. In order to experience the ocean, the wave MUST settle down.

The outer personality and the body make up the self. The Soul is the Self with a big S.  We say I for both outer I and Inner I. We live two realities, one worldly and the other Divine. When we awaken to the Soul within, we then realize that we live in the world but we are not of it. It is a living experience, not a feeling, nor a saying, nor a thought.

Christ is Cosmic. He said, ‘I and the Father are One.  The Father is ALL!  He accomplished the Goal of life: Oneness with God, and He showed us the Way. This is also the birthright of every human being.  If we live only in the outer, gross, ever active part of ourselves- the body and worldly life, we become stressed, tired, frustrated, aggressive restless, depressed, cruel etc.  When we settle down to our inner reality, we experience peace of mind, calmness, happiness, tolerance, compassion, love, a silent, inner knowing that God is with us at all times.

Come is a command. It does not mean go. Unto Me.  Me is within. The Cosmic Christ within, the Soul within, the Image and LIKENESS of God within. So you, out there (the attention which is identified with the body) come unto Me, and I, the Cosmic, Divine, Unbounded, Eternal, Christ  within you, will give you, the body, rest.

When anyone experiences this silence, the biochemistry of the body changes from acidic to Alkaline. One experiences a calm and peace ‘beyond understanding.’ That rest that the body gets from this experience renews the body and eliminates the deeply rooted stresses and tensions. The body actually rejuvenates itself and better health is experienced.  With that regular, deep rest, the body eliminates the basis of all chronic illnesses, stress.

This is what Transcendental Meditation does for anyone who practices it regularly. This is why regardless of what someone is going through, life changes for the better. One does not have to change one’s lifestyle, belief, creed or habits. It is a technique which is as old as time, and which has existed for thousands of years, that anyone can practice and reap the benefits.