Dr. Lucia John

Children are the future of any civilization, in every generation. When a couple decides to have a child, they are in fact accepting a mandate from God, to take this divine being, made in God’s own Image and Likeness, to feed, train, educate, guide, correct, discipline and mould that child into adulthood, as a responsible, mature and God-Loving individual, who will take up his or her place in the society in full conscious awareness of God, and to advance the human race.

Advancing the human race does not only include the physical body. It also includes deep connection with God; calm, educated, healthy minds; sharp, clear intellects, stress-free Nervous Systems, healthy bodies, balanced emotions and a purified, elevated soul.

Children are our future. When we become the helpless elders, it is the children who will then be the adults of the day, making all the decisions which will affect every aspect of our lives. In order to live a happy old age, and to help them to make the best use of their time on earth, we need to train the children properly. They do not only learn from what we tell them, they also absorb from us whatever we are, so we must also teach them through example.

Take a look at our generation as adults. Most of us grew up in the Catholic Church, regardless of our religion right now. We grew up waking in the morning and going to Mass. Did we wake our children to do the same thing? In most cases, we resented waking up in the morning, and we may have vowed not to do this to our children. How did we do? We grew up as responsible, mature adults. The children are the next generation and they are falling big time. What happened? Did we stray from the path our parents laid before us?
When we woke in the morning at 5 or 5:30, and went to mass, we did many things that we did not even notice then. We woke up at a time when the whole of Nature was waking up, the birds the plants, the beautiful colours of dawn in the sky, etc.
1. We took a walk (exercise)
2. We breathed the fresh air and experienced the dew.
3. We went to mass and listened to God’s words
4. We return home feeling good for the day. This conditioned our day.
5. We noticed the difference when we did not go to mass in the morning

Why did we take this important item away from the life of the children? Instead, we gave them snooze time, late mornings, everything they wished for, thinking that they would grow up to be perfectly satisfied adults. We got bush tea and or milk and cereal, roasted bananas, or breadfruit etc. for breakfast, we give our children soft drinks salami and God knows what else in a plastic bag for breakfast. We ate organic foods. Our children are fed refined and processed foods. We ate lots of coconuts and foods cooked with heat-extracted and cured coconut oil, providing vital essential fatty acids for our brain and nervous system. No wonder we escaped the scourge of ADHD. http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/

The present situation with the children of the world is a complex one. Children are like computers, we program them by what they learn from us. When we caught a cold, our parents knew what herbs would restore our health. If our children catch a cold, we get them antibiotics. We grew up in nature, the sea, in the rivers, in the fields. Our children are growing up behind computer screens and video games doing the babysitting. We grew up in full sunlight, but our children are growing up without enough sunlight, without that contact with nature which is necessary to develop in the proper way. Not having enough exercise, even the structure of the body will be much weaker than the generation before them. To add to this there is now a world-wide rise in child abuse, suicide, and a host of behavioral, emotional, and psychological disorders associated with stress. These include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD.

Modern health care systems no longer match children’s health-care needs. Obesity, allergies, asthma, Type 2 diabetes, PTSS, and a list of others are taking its toll on our children. We can easily remedy this by allowing them to meditate and eliminate the stress which is the basis of all these chronic illnesses. (www.davidlynchfoundation.org)

The Medical experts are calling for a more integrated system of health care, because of rising costs, the long lists of side- effects of drugs, and very limited effects on the health of the children.
We grew up taking naps. This is something we could not escape from; this was the rule. Even when we went to school, parents would call us to quiet time in the afternoon before we took our snack. This broke the activity of the day and allowed the Nervous System to recover before the activities of the evening. We would have an early night to wake early the next morning for school. Another thing we could not escape from was the seasonal washing out. ‘laxatives.’
Do we do the same thing with our children, I am sure the answer is no. By the light colored stains seen on their faces, one knows that intestinal parasites are playing havoc with the children today.

What do we do? Today when foul language is the norm and restlessness seem to be the way of life; when drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex is only the tip of the iceberg, we cannot recognize children anymore. All is not lost though. There is one answer that I can suggest. Let the children go within. They will find themselves and they will find God. Rest is the opposite to restlessness. Rest is the opposite to stress. Peace of mind which rest cultivates is the opposite to the anger we see today in schools, at work, at home, and at play.
We can engage the children in healthy discussions and debates in the same way we grew up. This will sharpen and strengthen their intellects and open their minds. They will also be able to adapt to new things based on their own research and informed decisions.

Over 600 Scientific Research Studies have been done to document the effect of the deep rest provided by Transcendental meditation on the health, behavior and wellbeing of children. They return to respecting their parents, teachers and peers, and grow up to excel in whatever field of study they undertake. They enjoy greater ability to focus, inner happiness, better memory, and tolerance and improve their grades. We have a great task at hand, and that includes reducing and stopping the flow and increase of collective stress which is taking over our children. We can do something now! Will we?

We need 1 % of the population of Dominica, approximately 600 persons to practice the Transcendental Meditation Technique to significantly lesson collective stress. Whenever 1 % of any population, practices the TM Technique, positive calm is felt in the environment and society, greater energy, creativity and productivity is also experienced by all. All negative tendencies dissipate and the crime rate is reduced. This is called the Maharishi Effect. It was predicted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early 1970’s.

I have started teaching 200 children the Transcendental Meditation Technique. So far 30 have learned and the results reported include: calmer, more collected minds, greater ability to focus, better memory, ability to do homework without distractions, better relationships at home, at school and with friends. Teachers have started to notice the positive change and comment on it. Parents are experiencing greater calm, more normal blood pressure and greater happiness with their children.

If you need help with your child, or need to know where to get traditional coconut oil, or just need to talk about issues affecting your child, or if you would like to financially support this project, you can contact me at; 1 767 500 5060, 1 767 614 0903, or email: perfecthealthinstitute@gmail.com or dominica.tmcentre@gmail.com