The Ocean gathers all the rivers within itself with enough space to hold countless more rivers throughout eternity. A river, flowing unobstructed, remains fresh and pure, while a dammed river stagnates and actually dies. Release this same river, and it becomes live again. This is a natural law, and we should all learn from Nature. We can step into a river, remove our foot and step in the river again. This is not the same water, not the same river. It is being renewed ever second. The same as our lives, one moment gone and nothing, no amount of money will bring it back. If we lose a fortune, we can always earn a bigger fortune again. Time is the most important thing on Earth. We should use it wisely because everything exists on the platform of time. Therefore we should not waste our time to grow in positivity, and virtues, and God’s grace, to accomplish our life’s purpose, God’s wish for us.

Life flows naturally and blissfully when we live natural lives, which means eating natural foods and maintaining natural lifestyles. We are like rivers flowing to the ocean of fulfillment. When we are small children, we grow physically more than spiritually. Later, we begin to grow mentally when we start school, but the growth must be balanced and well guided. When we become teenagers, the mechanism of growth changes and we begin to grow mentally faster, physically faster, emotionally and spiritually too. Everything speeds up. For this growth to be effective, we must already have gathered the fuel needed for this time of acceleration, because the mind and body will use only what is already accumulated. That is , the qualities of heart and mind learned so far. This is the fuel that carries this individual through adolescence to adulthood.This is why we need to raise the children well. This is why we correct them when they make mistakes so they grow and accumulate positive and divine qualities day by day.

In adulthood, another series of changes happens to make this same individual more spiritual, working, living, breathing more of the spirit of God, in whose image and likeness we are made, and this is the period we
call Menopause for women or Andropause. For men, those who do not understand the process and how to work with it have trouble adapting. The process of growth is supported by natural law. It is a natural law to be good, being non-good in anyway carries consequences, and one suffers. It is a natural law to be of service to others, to be tolerant and loving, and giving, but the contrary will surely bring suffering. It is natural to be positive, but if we use our minds to entertain or promote negativity, there will be consequences. The bible says ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ ‘An eye for an eye.’ ‘Throw your bread upon the waters and it will return multiplied a hundred fold.’ Physics says ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’ All these mean the same thing. What goes around comes around.

The ocean is the source and goal of all water on Earth. The river is the course, ever rushing to the ocean in a perpetual cycle of evaporation, condensation and flow. God is the source of all life , and the goal of all life, and we as individual beings course incessantly towards Him. It has to be in love, because that is what He is, LOVE. It is a natural law. Nothing less will do. This is why the violation of this immutable law for whatever reason beings suffering. The violation means expressing any wrong doing, negativity, vices, etc.

When we do wrong in any way, we accumulate stress. Stresses inhibit the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, therefore causing us to make mistakes and to sin, as a consequence, we experience illness and death. One solution is to remove the stresses, the brain and nervous system work more efficiently, and we make less and less mistakes, meaning that we can express more and more of the Light of God which is within everyone. Our life at home, church, school and play take on more meaning and we understand God and self better. The flow towards God becomes more and more unrestricted.

By experiencing the silence within ourselves, we allow the flow of God’s Grace into our minds, body, behavior and environment. It is in the stillness within that all all good qualities and virtues reside in abundance. This is why daily life is automatically enriched with the practice of deep meditation, deep prayer, silence, stillness, inner peace. ‘Meditate day and night.’ Psalm 1, so the ocean of Inner life can nourish the river of outer life and make it whole, full and vibrant.

Deep thinking is contemplation, and focusing is concentration. Both keep the mind active to a certain extent. Real meditation is the process of ‘Watch and Pray’ prayer in stillness, heart to heart talk with God.Watch – is just ‘be aware, awake’ – a state of restful alertness.…/Transcendental-Meditation-technique-prod… This is called Transcendental Meditation. You transcend activity to arrive at silence, stillness. You go beyond activity to arrive at silence, stillness.

When we feed our children’s minds with TV, cartoons and video games filled with violence and negativity, what do we expect them to express especially in teenage years as they go through adolescence? All is not lost though, teach them to go within, and they can throw off all the negativity which caused the accumulation of stress, and they will live normal, happy lives again.

Life should not be a life of problems. We will always have challenges. It is in finding a way to overcome these challenges that we grow in every way. When we fail to overcome the challenges, we say we have a problem. God gave each person their own unique purpose in life, and overcoming the challenges is the way we grow mentally and spiritually stronger day by day. By experiencing the silence, stillness within, the conscious thinking mind expands, we find solutions to our everyday challenges, and problems dissipate more and more, giving rise to a beautiful state of enlightenment, fulfillment and wholeness.