“So, what is Energy Healing exactly?” I hear you asking. Well, for most people the concept of “energy” is one which may not be a part of their conscious thinking process as we tend to deal with the things around us which are material; concrete and therefore appearing to be real. However, we are beginning to rediscover (through Quantum Physics) that all matter –seen and unseen-is made up of energy. This includes our physical bodies which are three dimensional, but also and more importantly, the invisible components of ourselves which are referred to by various names including our “spirit”, “soul” etc…. Therefore, in its simplest form Energy Healing is a method of tuning into, and healing of the person (or group or event) on the energetic level.

In fact, the concept of an all-pervasive force or energy is an ancient one, stretching from China and Japan where it is known as Chi and Ki respectively, to India where it is called Prana, to the Polynesian Islands where it is known as Mana. Similarly in Nigerian Spiritual practice the term ‘Ache’ may be applied to personal and general spiritual power or energy. As the knowledge of our energy bodies, fields or “auras” has existed throughout history, so too have methods or systems of healing which affect us on an energetic level been developed and utilized. For instance in the Hawaiian Islands we have Huna, in China developed the art of Acupuncture and Acupressure, and in India there are various forms including “Pranic Healing”. Japan’s contribution comes in the form of Reiki, a non-invasive and gentle treatment which we will explore further in upcoming articles.

Many of us have grown up in one church or the other and may have witnessed “laying on of hands” by gifted individuals with immediate results being experienced by those on the receiving end. For some of us, the experience may have been a more personal one involving one or more elder members of our families who were adept at providing relief and comfort with touch and/or prayer. In spite of this, it may be a leap for many people to really appreciate the concept of healing with energy, because this is not a tenet of our upbringing or formal education in most instances. We are also socialized to question anything involving the unseen world which is not directly tied to organized religion, and so we face conflict with our core beliefs. Furthermore, some of us may just be cynics who require concrete evidence before we indulge a notion. That is all fine if it makes you comfortable, but consider for a moment that you already are familiar with subtle energy and you even make use of it in your life on a regular basis.

“Really?” you ask. Yes, really. Let’s take a look at how the average person often engages in the subtleties of energy without even thinking about it. If you have had one or more of the following scenarios happen to you, then you have been subconsciously delving into the energetic realm:

1. You meet someone for the first time and, for some reason you cannot really explain, upon sight you decide that you either like or dislike this individual. This person has done nothing to deserve your stamp of approval/disapproval yet you have made up your mind.

2. You slam your finger/stub your toe/hit your head and your immediate response was to place your hand where it hurts.

3. You are not with your child/loved one physically yet you become keenly aware that something is wrong with them.

These three examples are just common occurrences which we may take for granted and give no further thought, even though there is no obvious way to explain what is taking place. If at any moment we decide to ponder the common theme which is that of the “unseen element”, then it becomes a little easier to entertain or even understand the theory of Life Energy or Life Force. As for healing with energy, it is simply concerned with the theory that all things are made of energy and that, as a result, all things are connected. Energy healing deals with the energetic body (or spirit) because anything which is manifest in the physical world has its origin in the subtle bodies, so it goes straight to the source.

Next time we will discuss in a little more detail the various forms of energy healing and take a closer look at Reiki which originated in Tibet and Japan.

In the meantime, there is a simple exercise which you can perform in order to begin to acquaint yourself with the energy current flowing through your body. First, sit in a relaxed manner and breathe deeply, quieting your mind. Simply rub the palms of your hands together vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds and then hold your palms a couple of inches away from each other. You should feel some sort of vibrations between your hands. Move your hands away from and toward each other and note where the feeling stops and where it begins. Allow yourself to feel the ball of energy between your palms. You can also use your mind to rotate the ball of energy and note whether you feel it turning. When you are done, you should touch your hands back against your body and let the energy flow through you. Take another deep breath and you are done!

See you next time.

Malaika Durand-Kakudji is a Usui Reiki and Sekhem/Seichim Reiki Practitioner living in Brooklyn, NY.  She received her Reiki Master (Level lll) degree in 2008 from The New York Awareness Center in Manhattan and specializes in the area of energy healing for those who have experienced deep disappointment or heartbreak.