In the (Western) system of Reiki, we use what we refer to as the chakra system. Specifically, it is a system of energy gateways or vortexes which is located on the etheric body of the individual. The literal translation of the word “chakra” from Sanskrit is “wheel”. And if you guessed that the chakras resemble wheels or discs, then you would be right. The seven major chakras that we will concern ourselves with, are placed horizontally along the front (and corresponding back end) of your body. They are each responsible for a different spiritual, emotional, and physical aspect of your life. Think of them as “adaptors” of the Energy which is all around us, with which we are in constant exchange. The job of the Chakras, through various facets, is integration of the parts of our being into the whole.

As we move through life, we will activate or inhibit aspects of different chakras through experiences, emotions, attitudes which may or may not result in blockage of the respective chakras. What does this mean? Our chakras are sensitive to our experiences as humans in the world and are affected  by, and in turn affect, our life whether we are aware of them or not. Because each chakra is affiliated with different emotional, spiritual, psychological aptitudes which are then funneled into physical reality, understanding our chakras gives us an awareness of our life as whole beings.

Just like any physical part of our body which would need loving care and maintenance, our chakras need our mindfulness. When a particular chakra is blocked, we may experience frustration or lack of energy in the area of life which it affects. So, a very quick breakdown of each chakra and its function will follow in order to acquaint you with its basic properties.


Seventh /Crown Chakra (color: violet)-

Located on the top of the head. Provides a sense of connection to the Creator. When not functioning  optimally may experience grief, confusion about life.

Sixth/Brow or “Third Eye” Chakra (color: indigo)-

Located in between the eyes. Responsible for intuition, seeing Divine perfection in all things. Blockage may result in an imbalance in state of mind.

Fifth/Throat Chakra (color: blue)-

Located at base of throat. Rules our ability to express our truth through spoken word. Blockage results in lack of ability to verbalize our reality.

Fourth/Heart Chakra (color: green)-

Located near physical  heart. Center of heart/soul consciousness. Represents compassion, love in action. Blockage may indicate suppressed emotional trauma.

Third /Solar Plexus Chakra (color: yellow)-

Located at diaphragm. This is the seat of our personal power. Goal manifestation is channeled here.  Blockage results in lack of direction, boundaries.

Second/Sacral Chakra (color: orange)-

Located below navel. Center of creativity .Also represents procreation. Blockage may feel/look like a lack of adventure or curiosity.

First/Root Chakra (color: red)-

Located in area of the tailbone. Responsible for grounding us in our physical experiences. Blockage may manifest either as rigidity or lack of realism.

The simplest forms of chakra tuning are energy healing such as Reiki;  meditation  , and the practice of yoga. These ancient modalities are designed to align the energy in our physical bodies to our subtle energetic fields and, ultimately to Universal energy which flows through and around all of creation. The goal and purpose of consistent practice is to integrate our various aspects into a harmonious whole. In this state, balance exists and we are not just disease-free, but healthy.

One generic exercise which helps to balance chakra energy is flooding yourself with each of the colors associated with the chakras. So, going through the list above you would begin with red, then orange…and so on till you get to violet. You could picture yourself moving from room to room where everything in each room is made of one of the colors. You could also picture yourself on a ladder and as you step on each rung, the color floods you. Or you could sit quietly and imagine each color infusing you as you breathe deeply. Make sure you visualize every part of yourself becoming this color.

This article’s goal was to outline chakra functioning on a very basic level. If it has whet your appetite, one way which we could develop and build on this theme is to give a more in-depth treatment of each chakra along with more specific exercises to address various issues affiliated with the respective chakra. Let me know in the comments whether such a series of articles will be of service to you. I am looking forward to your feedback!


Malaika Durand-Kakudji is a Usui Reiki and Sekhem/Seichim Reiki Practitioner living in Brooklyn, NY.  She received her Reiki Master (Level lll) degree in 2008 from The New York Awareness Center in Manhattan and specializes in the area of energy healing for those who have experienced deep disappointment or heartbreak.