Natural laws are of creation, spiritual laws are of the spirit, the soul. Creation is relative and material. Spirit or soul is on a very fine level that is not seen by material eyes.

The soul depends on the body to have experiences on earth, to learn and to grow in the spirit. Our experience on earth prepares us to overcome the weaknesses of physical existence and makes us ready to live in the spirit –of the Spirit.

The Spirit is within and matter is our outer existence. The Inner Man is within and beyond creation, and experiences creation through the 5 outer senses. As one goes within and experiences the silence, stillness within oneself, the Inner senses begin to be activated. The activity of the senses is processed through thought, through the mind. The mind analyses, the intellect discerns and decides and the Ego gives a sense of Self. When one functions only with a small percentage of the outer self, without the support of the Inner Self, then the small ego, functioning with about 5 to 10% of the mental thinking potential, thinks it knows everything and there is nothing else to know. This makes the person arrogant, and other negative qualities can be added and expressed.When the Inner senses are functioning, one just knows. It is an inner knowing. This is the case of intuition, inspiration etc.

Natural laws keep the universe and indeed the whole of creation functioning in order. As human beings, we are supposed to live on the earth with 100% outer life supported by 100% Inner Life. Outer life in activity, Inner Life in Silence, Stillness, both co-existing coherently. This would allow both body and mind to function in a perfect way. This is what we as human beings are supposed to look forward to. (God is within us, so it goes without saying that gaining access to our inner life is gaining access to the Light of God within us).

Perfect health of the body requires perfect alignment with the natural laws of which the body is a part. This means, treat the body as it is supposed to be treated so it can last as long as it is supposed to last in very good health, so the individual can align himself with the Kingdom Within. It is the constant violation of natural laws that keeps us from being really spiritual. Spirituality requires purity of mind and body. Purity of mind and body results in better and right decision making and we will automatically protect our environment near and far, in fact the entire earth. This good will return to us a hundred fold.

It is a natural law that the oceans are clean and pure and that they support all living things on the earth. It is a gross violation of natural law that we throw all sorts of garbage and poisons into the rivers and oceans and pollute the waters. Mankind drinks the same water that the earth is bathed in, so it is inevitable that polluted water will make its way into our cups and glasses and into our bodies and make us sick. The air that we breathe is the same air that the earth breathes, so if we pollute the air, this polluted air will find its way into our nostrils sooner or later and pollute our lungs and our blood and our bodies. Whatever we do to the earth we do to ourselves. Love your neighbors as yourself includes the earth too.

In order to take care of the earth and live spontaneously in tune with natural laws, our minds must expand to its full potential day by day. This is why we were told to experience silence, stillness within ourselves. As our mental potential grows, we understand everything better including ourselves and God in whose image and likeness we are made. Thus the necessity to integrate silence, stillness which is of the spirit into our lives day and night, meditate day and night, morning and evening. This is simple, but it is actually the key to living more and more spiritually. This actually helps the process of prayer, because sometimes the mind is so clouded and dull, that it is not quiet enough to even pray…

Some people think that Perfect Health is too idealistic to hope for, but you know, the sky is the limit, and as there is no sky, there is no limit. With God all things are possible, meaning that nothing is impossible. If we reach for the sky, we may at least hit the treetops. If we reach for perfect health, we may at least reach a state of no illness, or less illness, but it will be a happier, healthier existence.

It is said, ‘A nation without vision perishes.’ It is not the nation that perishes. The nation lives on and on. It is the people making up that nation that perish, because it is the people in that nation that are supposed to have that vision of a better life, a more Godly life full of happiness and bliss and love and light. This is the vision that the children are supposed to follow without effort, and take that nation forward to higher spiritual and material heights and success. A nation without vision will look at its streets and see destitution, people living on the streets in the most sub-humanly way possible, drugs will be rampant, foul language will be the music of the day, people will not take responsibility, they will always find someone to blame for anything and everything, respect of self and others will be a thing of the past, but there is still a way out of this. Just trust your religious text whatever your religion. The answer is always there: GO WITHIN. It is that simple.

It is said, ‘Be in the world but not of it.’ Meaning, you live in the world because you have a physical body, but let your life be lived on the level of the spirit. This is an experience, not a mood, not an imagination, nor a feeling. For this you must go within. Experience stillness, silence. The all else that will be added is the ‘Holy Spirit which is within you and will flood your physical life more and more everyday to ever growing capacities you never even dreamed of.

You should help to teach the young people to go within themselves and make conscious contact with that Kingdom which is in the stillness of their hearts. It is your responsibility. They were given to you by God to prepare them for the future. If you let them grow without the silence within and sometimes without even teaching them to pray, then what are you doing? They are the future leaders of a time when we will be the hapless, helpless elders. I have visited countries where people are very afraid to grow old. Time goes by very quickly!!!

If we do things according to natural laws, we live life in a natural way, as we were naturally meant to live, but what is meant (in the bible) by natural man, is the man who lives only in and for the body as we live in modern times –materialistic and with no regard for God or things of the spirit, who does not go within himself, who does not grow spiritually day by day, such a man surely accumulates stress, becomes more and more negative. As like attracts like, he soon alienates himself from inner life and fear is the result, anxiety, depression, phobias, envy, jealousy, anger, rage, sickness and eventually death. You see, like attracts like. It is a law of nature. To those who have, more will be given, and that is more of what you already have. It is a law of nature, so it is better to have inner peace, calm, creativity, energy, God’s Light, God’s Grace, the ability to listen to God in the silence of the Soul. Again the saying; Be in the world but not of it, meaning, you live in the world because you have a physical body, but let your life be lived on the level of the spirit. This is an experience, not a mood, no an imagination, nor a feeling. For this you must go within. Experience silence, stillness everyday, day and night. The all else that will be added is the Holy Spirit will flood your physical life more and more every day to ever growing capacities.

Some persons have said to me, I am too blessed to be stressed, but analyze this, whatever you put your attention on grows stronger in your awareness. If your attention keeps going to the stress, it is because it is already there, because if you get angry, annoyed, enraged easily, you are stressed, period. Solution: go within – now is the time. We have 24 hours in a day, how many of these are you being asked to go within and just BE IN THE SILENCE, STILLNESS OF YOUR HEARTS, 15 to 20 minutes each day. This is in addition to anything else you do with your daily life, and as you do, you will realize that there is nothing to fear within yourself. It is the gateway to bliss and light and love and inner peace, and all things good and all else that will be added unto you, and the entire Kingdom promised, but you must walk the walk, GO WITHIN.