One of the things I hate telling a woman is “I love you”. Men are not emotional beings. And if we have to tell a woman that, it means that we have to be in love with them – head over heels.

Most times women tell you they love you because they want to hear it back. That’s because women love to hear when a man say “I love you”. But why force it out of us? It’s annoying. Let us say it when we really mean it. Even if you never hear it, does not mean we don’t love you.

Saying “I love you” makes us feel soft and weak, and I just cannot afford that to trip my huge male ego. Has anyone heard the Lion say “I love you”? No. He just licks her ears and head and humps away. But he’s the King of the Jungle still right? Yea, men can express love in different ways other than saying it. Furthermore, talk is cheap.

One of the things I hate is when a woman asks you if she loves you during sex, especially if it’s a one-night stand, or worst if she keeps telling you “I love you baby” during sex.

OK come on, do you expect us to speak the truth during that time of ecstasy? A guy will say anything to get in your panties and he will say anything when he is making love to you. Ok what would happen if he does not say what you want to hear? You would stop and push him off right? Of course. And we do not want that.

Let the man take the initiative and say he loves you. If he tells you he loves you during the good times, hell yes, you got yourself a genuine man. If he tells you that he loves you during sex without you asking, then that’s even better.

“I love you Nice Guy,” a girl once told me while she hugged and kissed me.

“OK then,” was my reply.

She got furious and slapped me: “OK then? That’s it? After we *** last night? Oh my God”.

“But babes,” I said. “I like you a lot but love is a different level. I know we can reach it. Give me time.”

But she had none of it, she dumped me. Since then I’ve stopped being honest with girls about being in love with them.

I know women are emotional beings and love to be told sweet things and be pampered but it’s the 21st century. Women know too well how men are to continue to pull off crap like forcing a man to say “I love you too”. Be patient. The man will open up to you.

See ya next Friday.