Ever wondered why your woman is behaving a certain way? Asking for more money? Want her hair done more often than before? Wants a new cell phone? Wants to know why you’re not encouraging her?

Make a guess?

Obviously that’s because another man or woman singing gospel in her ears. If you know your woman very well, you will notice as soon as she changes – anything from her attitude to her way of dressing.

If your wife used to dress like an old woman, how come all of a sudden she dressing hot? She may not necessarily be trying to impress you. She is more than likely checking a man on the side who brings out the best in her. Or, she is simply trying to impress someone else to get their attention.

Problem is women become bored easily. And even if you’re a good man to her – giving her money, giving her good sex – but you’re not giving her the attention she needs, like going out often, romancing her, or staying home with the family, more than likely she will find a sugar man on Facebook or Hi5 to hook up with. Then Bingo, he hits her jackpot and she’s gone.

Every woman is easily influenced. Let none of them fool you. Some just like to put on a good show, but become a woman whisperer and she is all yours. Women like attention, so they are very good at listening. They love to hear what they want they love to hear nice words, especially if you keep at it.

So telling a girl she would like fine in this and that, she should join this and that group, she would do better in this and that career, in no time, she will change, esp. if she believes it’s better for her. But you, as her man, can be singing the same tune into her ears for years, she wouldn’t listen. But most times the messenger in her ears just want to taste some of her fish meal. but women always think the grass is greener on the other side because there man has a fault.

So stop being naive when your woman make a sudden change. If your gut feeling tells you she is up to something, she is.

Long ago I used to date this girl, we became separated as in intimately. Then suddenly, she began dressing extra nice – wearing lip stick, makeup, new clothes, new shoes. So am like, what’s the reason for the makeover. Well, I asked her. She denied having or getting close to anyone else. But I know that was a big butt lie because we all know women like to lie and they lie well.

So all I did was sit back and observe more. Now this makeover trend continued. She was very, very careful with her dressing. She started going to the gym, and she joined a local club. Sooner than later she broke the news: “Nice Guy, I am seeing Raymond.”

All I said was: “Of course I know you was seeing Raymond. Is Raymond a member of the club you just joined?”

“Errrr… yea… how did you know that?” she asked.

See, if men take the time to know and understand women you will not be easily fooled. Women are as transparent as plastic, and little white or black lies will not stand up in your home court.

So next time you see your woman training for the Olympics, trying to run the 100m dash in under 12 seconds, give one of the world’s fastest men a call.

By the way, before I go, I wanna apologise for being late. I promise to be early next Friday.