Women always believe that when they are tired of their present man there is always greener pastures on the other side.

First they find all kinds of faults with their current man or X-Man, faults that do not exist. They will even dig up past garbage to throw at the man simply because some new dude is singing lyrics in her ears and acting like he can be a good man and father to her child.

So yea, she dumps her present man “nicely” thinking that her current man or the man she is getting acquainted with is the One.

But what she eventually found out is a rude awakening. She jumps from man to man like hopscotch because she eventually finds out that all of them put together cannot make one.

So she jumps from a writer to a chef, from a chef to a doctor from a doctor to a farmer, from a farmer to DJ Fast, the lyrical God. The end result: two more kids and going nowhere in life aside from becoming a milking machine on a farm.

The same goes for men. They treat their women bad because they meet an eye candy who show them more wonders in the bedroom. And you know us men. Our eye sight is our main weakness.  Most times we can’t resist looking and it is hard trying not to touch, so when we get to touch the eye candy, it’s like heaven come down.

But then when we hook up with the sketel we realise she is nothing more than a witch in disguise, and nothing compared to the X-Woman.

So we move from reception to baker, from baker to unemployed, from unemployed to lawyer, from lawyer to prostitute.

Everyone thinks there is a fairy tale man and woman out there waiting for us, therefore we cannot be satisfied with who we have, especially at the slightest discrepancy, and especially when someone comes along pretending to be that fairy tale man or woman.

I know this girl she dumped her man because she “understands” he has plenty girl friends. So she picked up a deejay, another party pooper and music man she is accustomed of getting. And we all know some DJs; they are some of the most popular people who attract many female friends.

More so, they have plenty lyrics and they can toss a CD as fast as a salad, and that’s what women love. But we all know salad is very perishable, especially for DJs, so they move on very quickly, from one stage to another. After their lyrics and music have played out, they move to the next instrument. And so it went on until she almost went nuts.

Now, that’s when she learned and “understood” how many women one man can have at a time. And worst, the DJ likes to talk. He has already told all his DJ friends in Dominica, Tortola, Bahamas etc that he is getting with the ex-girlfriend of the dude who owns the newspaper. He has now added 10% to his ego trip not knowing that the newspaper man has been there done that and left him some more leftovers – what he is normally accustomed to.

As to her ex, he was no longer interested in the trailer trash ex, who by now would have been worn out by the DJ. He got himself someone way better.

Sometimes the people we have in life, we should hold onto them because no one is perfect. We all have our bad deeds. And some people are too unforgiving and selfish and cannot see the good things in someone. They listen to people more than they listen to the one who truly loves them.

Women especially love to listen to the men who continue to tell them how nice they are, how ambitious they are, etc just to get in their little panties, while men love the women with nice boobs and sexy curves.

But what’s hidden beneath all that will come out eventually.  Seeing someone and talking to them is totally different from actually being in a relationship with them.

So stop telling your ex that you meet a better man or better woman or saying that he tells you nice things. Anyone can tell anyone nice things. Last week I saw a paro telling a woman, “Baby, I wanna make you my dream queen” followed by “leave a dollar nah… I want to buy bread”.

So please people get a grip. The person you’re running down or listening to have faults that you never knew exist, but you will find that out soon enough.

See ya next week.

NB: Sorry for missing last week. I wasn’t in the mood to write.