The “Roseau Market Diet”

The “Roseau Market Diet”

My patient said so. Is he some kind of nutrition expert? Not by a long stretch. It’s all homegrown wisdom. Yet, what he says meshes amazingly with Nobel Prize winning scientists conclusion on longevity. This is probably my shortest article. No way I want to dilute the power and humour of what you are about to hear – in his own words.

Modest to a fault, he insists that I do not use his name or picture. He proclaims the same passionate reason returnees and ex-pats give for choosing to live in Dominica. So whether you are shapely or sickly, meg, gwo or somewhere in between, you will definitely get something out of this article.

I remember him well back in the days when I was a ti bwye living in Boyd’s Avenue at the time. Along with friends and neighbours like Phillip Timothy (May 29 patriot) we would watch these big fellahs compete in robust football tournaments at the old Windsor Park. What a privilege to be in a position to now render professional services to a childhood hero!

Make special note of this gentleman’s thoughts on impotence, walking, preparing you own food. Herein is the secret revealed as to reversing today’s epidemic of strokes, kidney failure and diabetic amputations etc. And how about his opinion that people in the French islands envy our better access to fruits and veggies? You will find this interview loaded with a true treasure trove of wholesome ideas.



A church asked me to speak on prostate cancer at an open-air service in Kingshill on Saturday. Apart from emphasizing early detection (PSA & Digital Rectal Exam), the good news is that when it comes to actual prevention, faith and science speak with one voice on the matter.

It’s all here, in this cutting edge article inspired by a phenomenal female scientist:

Compare the interview with what we now know about longevity, including chromosome telomeres. Dominica indeed may very well be the healthiest place to live. If not, what would it take? Despite this clever brother’s breakthrough in personal wellness; despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, most people will just continue going along, merrily eating as they always have. Yet I’m confident and thrilled about this one thing. Some, maybe even you, will take that leap of faith – to make that sparkling difference in your health!

Dr. Sam Christian is surgeon who runs the Urgent Care clinic at 137 Bath Road, Roseau. He is Medical Adviser to the Dominica Cancer Society and author of the faith and fitness nutrition book, ‘Mannafast Miracle.’ Dr. Christian can be reached at (767) 440-9133 / 613-8345 or by clicking on http://