Dr. Sam Christian, MD.

Dr. Sam Christian, MD.

I’m overweight. Not that people would stop, watch me go by and say, “Way papa! Look at that fat fellah!” In recent weeks however, with a wink and wicked smile, a few have patted me on the belly with remarks like, “Life must be good!” Or, “Where you goin’ wi that, Doc?!”

How that weight sneaks up on us so? I don’t know. From time to time, I come across a few of my former schoolmates who amazingly have not lost their youthful figure. But they are clearly the exception rather than the rule. Then again, we see some teenagers today who look like…well, let’s not be unkind. Fat is a four-letter word. Actually, not quite; but it really feels like one. NOBODY wants to be fat or to be made fun of. It behoves us therefore, to be VERY tactful how we call attention to the matter so as not to offend anyone.

All the good times in life are celebrated with food – and Independence was no exception. Yes, there is hunger in Dominica, but no real sign of starvation. Instead, we are racing up the global obesity charts. http://dominicanewsonline.com/news/homepage/news/health/dominica-has-the-highest-obesity-prevalence-in-ec-reports/  In America, church-goers are the fattest of all. I don’t know for Dominica. This, to me, makes no sense. I find that offensive because our segment of the population is supposed to be the most self-disciplined. That is why I am determined to throw my weight behind all efforts to reverse this trend – no pun intended.

Christmas looms. That’s might be a scary thought for those who already struggle with their weight. However, I am here to tell you that those who undertake a focused weight management program, at this time of year, clearly out-perform those starting at other times, including New Years. Strange, but true; why is it, do you think?

You may say I’m sort of an accidental expert on weight. I specialized in New Jersey at a hospital leading in the field of gastric bypass surgery. Naturally, I began performing several such procedures once I started private practice. When a gentleman needed lose just 50 pounds in order to safely undergo hip replacement, they didn’t call Ghost Busters. After seeing that one patient successfully through with nutrition counseling alone, many more patients began coming out of the woodwork. Before you could say ‘Jack Robinson,’ we had established a National Morbid Obesity Unit caring for patients from all over the United States. Minimum weight was 500 pounds. We gave up on no one. Next thing I knew, I was on Discovery Channel explaining how one of my patients lost 1000 pounds. This feat is yet to be replicated anywhere else in the world, to the best of our knowledge.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BczrrYvV5D4

Nevertheless, my real interest has always been national development and I am here to fulfill my life’s mission in the health sector. Meanwhile, I myself am not immune. So how about we go into this together? You can find an experience similar to yours in my faith and fitness book MannaFast Miracle. For example, a 60 year-old priest who had never lost more than 25 pounds his whole life ended up losing 150 pounds after we teamed up. And it wasn’t because some exotic diet, clever surgery or magic pills. To commemorate that achievement, he and I produced a DVD with the church choir dedicating our efforts to enhancing the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Let us start by figuring out what our ideal weight is. To excerpt my book, one formula specifies that every adult 5 feet tall should weigh 100 pounds. For every inch above that, women add 5 pounds, men add 6. (Insurance company statisticians worldwide use f­­­­ormulae like these to help predict longevity and establish individual premiums). Okay, you say you are ‘big-boned’ (or medically speaking, large framed). Well, let’s make a ‘woungma:’ Throw in an extra 10 pounds. Use me as an example. I am 6 feet tall. That’s 12 inches above 5 feet. Right? I should therefore weigh 100 + (12×6) = 172 pounds. Add that 10 pound cushion and my healthy weight should not exceed 182. Well, I must confess, yours truly recently stormed past 200. (By how much? …A man must have his secrets!).

Aha! I can see you are good at numbers – feverishly figuring out you own weight status there on the side. Excellent! By the way, if you have to know, a tithe (one tenth) of my excess weight no more than 3 pounds). Needless to say, we don’t need any stupid formula to tell us what a wardrobe full of too-tight outfits has been screaming to us for months or more. Compare that with your Body Mass index (BMI): http://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/adult_bmi/english_bmi_calculator/bmi_calculator.html BTW, the fat tissue itself feels right at home where it is, thank you. Of its own accord, it seems to cling more tightly just at the very thought of losing weight. Never fear. If others can lose so much, you can lose at least a little. Let’s be clear about this. If we purpose in our hearts to tithe our excess weight by the end of this year, to give it up as a sacrifice to God, then guess what?  He promises to open up the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing – in health benefits – that we may not have room to comprehend (Mal. 3:10).

What a concept!

Diabetes, hypertension, degenerative joint disease, cancer, heart attacks, strokes; these afflictions are no laughing matter. Obesity has been proven over and over again to worsen the related risks and outcomes.  How about we talk about it some more? Read a book that focuses on your own unique medical history. Discuss with your trainer or healthcare professional how to set up a sustainable and lasting, personalized weight management program. I have a clear vision of my ultimate fitness goals. Before the holidays are upon us, those 3 pounds will be history! That’s just for starters. It will then propel me onward to final victory.  I have already gotten the ball rolling to get my sparkle back. How about you?

Strike while the iron is hot!

We will get there. Heaven knows we will get there. I know we will!

Dr. Sam Christian is an American-trained surgeon who runs the newly opened Urgent Care on 137 Bath Road. It offers general medical care, minor surgery, acupuncture microdermabrasion and Botox. To schedule your free wellness visit and tour of the facility, call 440-9133 or write urgentcare.da@gmail.com.