Trustee of the United Workers Party Norris Prevost has questioned whether the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) government officials have declared the millions of dollars that been given to the Labour Party, through them, for this and previous election campaigns.

Prevost pointed out that the law requires that all gifts worth over $1000 and received by Government officials must be declared to the Integrity in Public Office Commission.

He urged members of the media to ask the DLP government officials whether they have reported their millions of dollars received for General Elections campaign activities.

Noting that the DLP is spending over $30M on its elections campaign, Prevost claimed that a lot of it has been stolen from the people of Dominica and the National Treasury.

Prevost also deemed it a shame that the DLP, which has been a political party for over 60 years and has been in Government for 32 years, does not even have an office of its own.

“The Waterfront and allied workers union own their office building. The Dominica Trade Union owns their office building. The Public Service Union owns their office building.  In St Vincent, in Trinidad, and throughout the Caribbean, successful political parties own their party headquarters buildings. The Dominica Labour Party, a party which is over 60 years in existence, has nothing of its own, and employs nobody until election time. Meantime several of its leaders have become multi-millionaires. This is a crying shame. The leaders of the Labour Party say they are for the poor, but they are not. They are for themselves. They are not for the poor. Just as they have failed to develop the country, so too they have failed to develop the Party. Its time to change them,” said Prevost.


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