When one chooses to build a home in a forest environment – which is the most common habitat in Dominica – it is prudent to choose the most tough and sturdy materials to offset the ravages that Mother Nature throws at us. Whether it be the heat of the sun or the excessive rainfall or dampness in general the right choice has to be made especially for windows, doors and roofs.

This article concerns our choice of windows for a smart house in the Layou Valley. We had considered exotic timber and aluminum window frames, but both of us had experienced problems with these concerning general maintenance and decay when we built in the UK.

So it was like a life saver when Dragon Windows came on the scene in Dominica in 2006 and Dragon UPVC Windows has set the benchmark for quality products since then. We have had these windows for four years.  The advantages of these windows are many:  They are easy to clean; the windows open right out to the same size as the window opening; they have built in screens which are extremely affective, especially as living in the forest it’s not uncommon to get hordes of flying wood ants that like to take to the air sometimes after heavy rains.  You don’t have to close the windows just pull the screens down.

We have a top window section within the main window frame which has a net fitted and is refreshing to have opened at night.

One of the best things about the windows being fitted into our home is the fact that we have absolutely no dampness in the building at all.  We notice going to other peoples’ homes in our area of Layou and Pont Casse that do not have Dragon UPVC windows fitted; these houses have a lot of damp and mildew, especially in the closets that they keep their clothes in.  We do not have this unhealthy problem.

Another big plus for Dragon is that we never need to paint the windows; they keep clean just by being wiped with a damp cloth. Even the daily help take great pride in keeping the windows just like new.

We are now getting custom made Dragon UPVC railings and a gate for our deck. Previously, we had wooden railings fitted when we built our home in 2006 – big mistake – the railings are now completely rotten.  We know from our experience with the windows that we do not have any problems with any rotting or deterioration; obviously this will be the same with the railings.

We find the staff competent, helpful and friendly.  The company does its utmost to give quality service and support for its quality product.

Recommended by Lisette & Laurie Stevens